UFC Betting Odds

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has passed boxing like it was standing still in terms of popularity in the United States. In certain circles, the UFC is all there is. The UFC is to fighting as the NFL is to professional football… it’s that big. Like with any major sporting event or league, it was only natural for UFC betting odds to be introduced. This page is dedicated to helping those that know nothing of how to bet on UFC fights to be able to do so and make their bets confidently. Even if you already know how betting on UFC works, we encourage you to read along as you might learn about a new betting type or two that you never knew existed.

Next UFC Event: UFC 158 – St. Pierre vs Diaz

The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, will be the site for UFC 158. The Welterweight championship of the UFC will be on the line, as titleholder Georges St. Pierre takes on top contender Nick Diaz.

UFC 158 will air on Pay-Per-View on Saturday, March 16.

St. Pierre is widely believed to be one of the two best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, along with Anderson Silva. St. Pierre has not lost a fight since back in 2007, and has been the face of the welterweight division ever since.

St. Pierre is a big -500 (1 to 5) favorite on the moneyline. Diaz is set at +350 (7 to 2) in the role of the underdog. Betting Odds For UFC 158 aren’t just formed for this main event though, as there will be several other fights leading up to the main event for which lines are available. Check out St. Pierre vs. Diaz, plus more below.

UFC 158 Betting Odds – Saturday March 16th, 2013
George St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz George St. Pierre -500
Nick Diaz +350
Georges St.Pierre -500
Nick Diaz +375
Georges St-Pierre -500
Nick Diaz +400
Johnny Hendricks vs Carolos Condit Johny Hendricks -145
Carlos Condit +115
Johny Hendricks -135
Carlos Condit +115
Johny Hendricks -135
Carlos Condit +115
Jake Ellenberger vs Nate Marquardt Jake Ellenberger -170
Nate Marquardt +140
Jake Ellenberger -165
Nate Marquardt +145
Jake Ellenberger -165
Nate Marquardt +145
Nick Ring vs Chris Camozzi Nick Ring -125
Chris Camozzi -105
Nick Ring -110
Chris Camozzi -110
Chris Camozzi -105
Nick Ring -115
Mike Ricci vs Colin Fletcher Mike Ricci -280
Colin Fletcher +220
Mike Ricci -275
Colin Fletcher +230
Mike Ricci -270
Colin Fletcher +230

Types Of UFC Betting Odds

UFC Fight Betting Odds -You know that huge fight that is coming up that everyone is talking about? You know the one… there is always one of those in the UFC. Well, UFC fight odds are the most commonly used UFC betting odds when betting on fights. This is simply picking the winner or the loser. If your fighter wins, you win. Unlike most other sports’ betting odds, UFC odds are handicapped through the payouts based on a 1 to 1 ratio. Below in our example, you see Jon “Bones” Jones with -500 odds and Rashad Evans with +350 odds. The fighter with the lower number is favored and in this case it is Jon Jones. At -500 odds, it takes a $5.00 bet just to win $1. On the other hand, Evans’ odds are +350 which pays out $3.50 for every $1 wagered. You can see that is quite a difference. Whenever UFC odds makers do not feel the fighters are evenly matched, you see odds with greatly varying payouts like these. The closer the odds are to 1 to 1, the more evenly matched the fighters are.

UFC Proposition Odds – These odds also revolve individual fights but they are different ways to bet on them rather than just picking the winner or loser. Depending on the magnitude of the fight, UFC props may be introduced days and even weeks before matches. A general rule is to check the UFC prop odds the day before the event as they are all usually posted by then. So, what can you bet on with UFC props? Well, here is a quick list of things that can be bet on:

  • Over/Under Number Of Rounds Completed
  • Exact Result Of Fight Including Round
  • Exact Round Of K.O.
  • Over/Under Time In Match When K.O. Occurs
  • How Many Knockouts Occur During The PPV UFC Fights
  • and more…

UFC Future Odds – While there technically are no UFC future odds, sometimes sportsbooks like Bovada will make fantasy fights (fights that have no officially been scheduled) and then create odds for the fighters. Any bets made on these are contingent upon the fight actually happening. Below you see odds for a potential rematch of Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva. The first fight between these two was phenomenal and fans naturally want to see these two go at it again in a rematch. Sonnen has put himself in a position to take the fight but the fight still has to be made. While nothing has been set at the time of these odds’ release, chances are that we will eventually see this fight. That is why the UFC is better than boxing because fans get what they want, not like the potential Pacquiao vs. Mayweather super-bout that boxing fans are likely to never get to see.

Best Place To Bet On UFC Odds

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