Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman UFC 162 Main Event Betting Odds + Preview

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UFC 162The UFC Middleweight Championship will be on the line this Saturday night, July 6th, when Anderson Silva defends it against top contender Chris Weidman in UFC 162. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the venue for this big event, with Silva always a huge draw for the UFC anytime he enters the octagon.

Silva has the longest current win-streak in UFC and has held his Middleweight Championship longer than any current titleholder as well. Simply put, Silva knows how to win, and knows how to keep those from trying to take his championship from him.

The Middleweight champion has won 16-straight UFC fights, 10 of which have been in defense of the title once he gained it by defeating Rich Franklin back at UFC 64 in 2006. Nearly seven years later, Silva remains on top of the UFC world, and pound-for-pound is considered by many to be the best UFC fighter in the world.

All of this is what awaits Weidman when he gets into the ring with Silva on Saturday night. Weidman is the No.2 ranked middleweight fighter in the world on Sherdog, behind only Silva. So it certainly makes sense for him to be in the octagon with the champion.

Weidman is a perfect 9-0 in his mixed martial art career last fighting in July of 2012.

As you can imagine, betting odds for this matchup are a hot item, with oddsmakers expecting this one to be pretty close. As is expected, Silva is the favorite over Weidman on UFC 162 Main Event betting odds formed at Bovada Sportsbooks. But by no means is it a runaway betting line like we’ve seen in the past with Silva at times. For example, he’s no -500 or -600 favorite on the moneyline. Silva is set at -240, which is slightly under a 1 to 2 payout. At this range every $2.40 wagered on Silva would profit $1.

Weidman obviously comes in on the other side of things. At +190, it is essentially a 2 to 1 payout on the underdog. This means every $1 wagered will profit $1.90 is Weidman is able to pull off the upset and win the Middleweight Championship.

There are four other fights on the main card for UFC 162, including two featherweight bouts and two other middleweight fights outside of the main event which is the middleweight championship.

Bovada isn’t the only sportsbook fielding wagers for this matchup. Actually in fact, there are several other top-notch sportsbook with odds on this bout. Check them out below along with Bovada, and see which payout best suits you by which way you are leaning on the fight.

UFC 162 – Silva vs. Weidman
Anderson Silva -240 -245 -240
Chris Weidman +190 +195 +200

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