2013 Masters Betting Odds: Tiger Woods

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Tiger WoodsTiger Woods hasn’t won the Masters since 2005. He hasn’t even won a Major championship since 2008. That is a near five-year drought from the time he won his 14th Major Championship. But coming into the 2013 Masters, Woods is set as the assertive favorite over the rest of the field. The results speak for themselves heading into Augusta in 2013 though, with three wins, and the No.1 ranking in the world for the first time in nearly 30 months.

Woods has been slated at 3 to 1 to win a fifth green jacket this week. That would put him one back from the all-time lead of six Masters wins. It’s rare that you see a golfer with these types of odds coming into a tournament… unless it’s Woods. It seems that for the time being, we are back to Woods being the dominant favorite in every tournament that he enters. And why not, he has won each of his last two starts and has only shown signs of improving.

Of course, wagering on Woods’ odds to win the Masters is not the only betting line that’s out there. In fact, bettors can lay down a wager on a top-5 and top-10 finish for him as well. Woods has a strong history of high finishes at Augusta even when he hasn’t won. That’s why you will find these payouts rather low. Only one time in his appearances as a professional has Woods finished outside the top-25 at the Masters. There is something about the Masters that brings the best out in Woods, even when he might not be coming in with his best stuff. This year though, Woods is bringing his best game in at least five years.

2013 Masters: Tiger Woods

To Win Masters: 3/1 (+300)

Top-5 Finish: 4/7 (-175)

Top-10 Finish: 1/4 (-400)

To Be Top American: 7/4 (+175)

To Be 1st Round Leader: 11/2 (+550)

To Be 36-Hole Leader: 5/1 (+500)

To Shoot Lowest Round: 13/2 (+650)

Tiger vs. Rory McIlroy: 5/9 (-180)

Tiger vs. Phil Mickelson: 5/12 (-240)

To Have Hole-In-One: 80/1 (+8000)

To Win By 5+ Strokes: 10/1 (+1000)

To Win Wire-To-Wire: 16/1 (+1600)

To Chip-In On #16: 20/1 (+2000)

To Miss 36-Hole Cut: 10/1 (+1000)

Tiger’s Masters Odds @ Bovada

Not only are there odds for Woods to win the Masters, and record top finishes, betting odds are also broken down by nationality. Woods is obviously going to be the favorite to be the top American finisher at the 2013 Masters, since he is the overall favorite. But names like Phil Mickelson, defending champion Bubba Watson, Matt Kuchar, Steve Stricker, and more will be right near the top of this list.

And if waiting four days to see if you’ve won your bet is simply too long to wait, or you want some additional action with faster results, wager on the first round at the 2013 Masters. Just like you see the overall odds to win this week, the odds to lead after the first round are also made available. This betting line is up all week long up until a few minutes before the opening tee shots on Thursday.

Tee times for the Masters are released on the Tuesday of Masters week. Here is where we find the pairings and times that the groups will go out. But even before those pairings are released, sportsbooks will go to the betting lines to match players head-to-head against one another. Woods is obviously one of the popular choices to be set against some of the top players in the game like Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson. Woods does not have to be paired with the players to be set on a head-to-head line with them. These odds match Woods and another player for the week, with the bet won by wagering on the player to record the better finish. This is a week-long wager like the overall odds to win, but instead of taking Woods versus the field, it’s Woods versus a single player. It narrows down your betting variables.

Some bettors might get a head-to-head betting line confused with 3-ball odds. But when explained properly, it’s easy to understand. Woods is paired with Luke Donald and Scott Piercy for the first two days at the 2013 Masters. They will tee off at 10:45am ET on Thursday, and then at 1:41pm ET on Friday. 3-Ball betting odds for this grouping are released on Tuesday for the Thursday round. This is a betting line where each of the three players is set with odds to shoot the lowest score in the group for that one round. New 3-ball odds will be formed again for this group on Thursday night on into Friday for the second round. As play goes to the weekend, whoever Woods is paired with on Saturday will have odds for 2-ball lines, as well as on Sunday.

We’ve discussed many of the betting lines associated with Woods odds to win, his odds to finish in the top-10, and others, but there are also a variety of prop betting lines that are formed for the No.1 ranked player in the world. Prop betting odds can cover a number of different topics.

Bet On The 2013 Masters @ BovadaBovada has released a couple of Tiger Woods victory prop lines. The first is asking whether or not he will win by at least five shots. Woods holds the record for margin of victory at the Masters, winning by 12 in 1997. A second prop betting line asks if Woods will go wire-to-wire to win his fifth Masters. A wire-to-wire victory means that Woods will lead at the end of every round Thursday through Sunday.

And remember that historic chip-in on No.16 back in the 2005 Masters? Well, you can bet on him making yet another chip-in on any day of the tournament at No.16. At +2000 (20 to 1), it’s not a bad payout. You can even bet on Woods making a hole-in-one on any day at the 2013 Masters, paying out 80 to 1.

Woods has never missed the cut as a professional at the Masters, but there is always a first time for everything potentially. As a result, oddsmakers are fielding a wager on Woods missing the cut this year, though as well as he is playing, that is certainly betting at your own risk.

There are other Masters props that you can wager on that you don’t see at other tournaments. The color shirt the winner will wear is featured, with red of course leading the way at 2 to 1. We know for sure that will be Woods’ color shirt of choice come the final round. His Nike Golf brand is also the leader on the betting line at 3 to 2 for the brand of clubs the winner will have.

As you can see, there is definitely no shortage of wagers that can be made on Tiger Woods for the 2013 Masters. Bovada  has made sure that they offer bettors a variety of different lines to check out. And it doesn’t stop merely at Woods either, as you will be able to find odds on a number of other top players. Be sure to check out the Masters odds section at Bovada all this week, as they will continue to form and update even as the tournament is progressing.

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