The Voice Betting Odds

The newest hit to American reality television is The Voice. If you’re not in the know, The Voice is a live, talent-based reality television competition which is similar to it’s predecessors yet different all at the same time. One thing that The Voice and other similar shows will always have in common is that they can be bet on. Betting sites routinely offer The Voice betting odds once the battle rounds are over and the live competition begins. This is only natural because everything before the live competitions is taped and that could provide an unfair betting advantage. So, how do you bet on The Voice? It’s pretty simple actually and there are a few different ways to do it. Stay with us and let us educate you about how to bet on The Voice, where to bet on The Voice and we’ll show the latest The Voice betting odds from online sports betting sites like Bovada.

This Week On The Voice (June 17th – 18th)

The Voice’s fourth season winner was crowned last night during a live two-hour premiere on the NBC network. Country singer Danielle Bradbery prevailed, up against Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers. Host Carson Daly waited to the very end to disclose the fate of the three final acts who tried hard over the course of the night to have fun and keep their nerves at bay.Bet On The Voice At Bovada

The contestants took the stage with some major players in the music industry throughout the night, performing alongside Bob Seger, One Republic and Hunter Hayes. Several contestants of season 4 also returned to perform, taking part in the season finale.

In the end Carson Daly announced during the results that the Swon Brothers had come in third in the singing competition after America’s votes were tallied. The country duo left the stage leaving Michelle and Danielle nervously waiting to hear who America voted for. Bradbery’s name was announced, marking her the youngest winner as she took the crown, singing Sara Evans’ “Born To Fly.”

Latest Odds To Win The Voice Season 4

Odds to win The Voice are currently off, as the winner of Season 4 was crowned last night. Betting Odds to win next season of The Voice can be expected a few months before the show’s premiere with generic odds, followed by individual betting lines once the final stages begin.

 The Voice Winners Season 1, Season 2, Season 3

Season 1 – When season 1 of The Voice began, not many were too sure about the reception that the competition would receive, especially with the fact that other singing talent shows were going on. But as the show progressed into the prime of the season, one thing was clear; there was plenty of talent to help support the show. And it was Javier Colon, a soul singer from Connecticut, who ended up going all of the way to victory in the inaugural season. Colon is currently signed to Universal record as part of his deal with winning The Voice.

Season 2 – Jermaine Paul was not the likely choice or the betting favorite throughout the course of Season 2 on The Voice. In fact, even going into the final week, Paul was considered the underdog behind the top-two contestants. But the underdog prevailed, and if you were able to jump in on the odds for Paul to win, you probably made a nice profit. Paul began the year at 14/1, and even going into the final show was still well back at 15/1.

Season 3 – Cassadee Pope, the lead singer of the band Hey Monday, was the winner of The Voice Season 3. She was named the winner on December 18th, 2012 to become the third winner of the show. Pope waa a member of judge Blake Selton’s tea mduring her run at the title, though every judge wanted her on their team. Her single ‘Over You’ reached No.1 on the iTues chart, overtaking Gangnam Style by PSY.

Odds To Win The Voice – Individuals

All of the singers that make it to the live competition will eventually have individual odds to win The Voice and if you select that singer, you win money depending on how much you wager, and that singer’s odds to win when you bet on them. For most, selecting their favorite singer is only natural and for entertainment purposes, that is who you should select. However, the singers are handicapped for a reason. Some singers are just stronger than other singers. That’s not saying they will win 100% of the time, but it means they are likely to win. The objective is to pick the winner in order to make money so using your head instead of your heart is usually the better way to go when betting on The Voice. You will want to get in on these odds early because that is when most singers will have their best odds in terms of payout percentage.

Below we have a screenshot of the latest The Voice odds. If by chance they are not available, that means the show is not in season or has not made it to the live competitions yet. We will do our best to keep these odds updated but you can also see the most current The Voice odds directly at Bovada where you can then bet on them, just click the preceding link.

Odds To Win The Voice – Coaches

Where The Voice differs from shows like American Idol is the fact that the judges do not just judge, but they actually coach the singers to make them better. Each coach basically has his/her own team of singers. With this also comes betting but not on the singers but rather the coach/team that wins. Since teams do not really have a name, they are just known by their coach and therefore betting is done simply by the winning coach. Adam Levine claimed the first coaches’ title, who will it be this season?

Again, these odds will only be available once the live competition begins even though the teams were decided in the blind auditions. When they’re available, we’ll have a current screenshot of the latest odds to win The Voice for the coaches. To get the most updated odds, please visit Bovada as you can see them directly there.

Where To Bet On The Voice

For us, there is only one choice for betting on The Voice… Bovada Sportsbook. A very hip betting site, Bovada keeps up to date on all the latest happening in The Voice and is always adjusting their odds. This is a sign of a good sportsbook, not just for wagering on The Voice, but for betting on any kind of competition whether it be sports or talent-based.