Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Super Bowl is perhaps the most watched single sporting event world wide every year. Regularly attracting over 100+ million viewers annually, mega corporations are willing to sink big money into advertising but they aren’t the only ones with big money riding on the event. Any sporting event that draws this much attention attracts mass wagering and the Super Bowl is no exception.

In fact, sportsbooks in Nevada alone take in over $90 million in bets on the Super Bowl annually, and those numbers are even higher overseas where sports betting is marketed to the masses. No other event draws the sheer number of betting lines than the Super Bowl does every year.

From bets on the game itself (before, during, after), to the crazy, wacky proposition bets, there is no detail surrounding the Super Bowl that doesn’t have a betting line. Read more below to find the latest odds to win this year’s Super Bowl and about the other ways to wager on it.

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Super Bowl XLVIII Betting Odds And Game Info

The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will meet in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium on February 2. This will match the two No.1 seeds from the AFC and the NFC. Initial betting lines had Seattle as slight favorites, but that quickly shifted to the Broncos. Denver is installed as 1.5-point favorites in the game. However, with two weeks in between to bet, it’s likely that the line will change between then and now.

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2015 Super Bowl XLIX Betting Odds

The 49th edition of the Super Bowl will be held at University of Phoenix Stadium out in Glendale, Arizona. The game is currently scheduled for February 1st, 2015, but it has the potential to be moved back a week depending on how the regular season and playoff schedule work out. THis will be finalized in the coming months.

Future Odds To Win The Super Bowl

For the majority of the year, the most popular way to bet on the Super Bowl is through future odds. Futures are bets made on the team who you think will win the Super Bowl in the months and weeks leading up to it… that’s why they are called futures. Future odds to win the Super Bowl are available year round (including the day after the Super Bowl for the next year) and are adjusted regularly depending on the current outlook for the team. Great value can be found in betting on Super Bowl futures. With some research, you might be able to predict the next Super Bowl champion darkhorse and get 40 to 1 odds!

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Super Bowl Prop Bets

After the conference championships the Super Bowl proposition bets or Super Bowl props start rolling out. These are really fun because they can be about anything. Included are silly bets like the coin toss, the color of the Gatorade shower on the winning coach, length of the National Anthem, how many times an announcer says a certain word during the broadcast, and other wacky things that have nothing to do with football. Super Bowl prop betting lines on wagers just like these are where the majority of the wagers on the game comes from in the two weeks leading up to the event.

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Other types of Super Bowl proposition lines include player props & team props. This is simply betting on the performance of an individual player or team in very specific statistical categories. Quick examples of these bets are things like the over/under for the amount of time left on the clock when the last scoring play occurs, total yards for each team, which team will score first, team with most first downs, and the list goes on and on. For more information about Super Bowl player props and team props, check out the NFL betting odds page for complete examples.

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Betting The Super Bowl Spread & Other Straight Bets

Betting on the spread of the Super Bowl is the most common way to bet on the event, and perhaps the most wise. Straight bets on the Super Bowl most likely account for the majority of the money wagered on the game as most proposition bets have low betting limits. It is not uncommon for a single bettor to have thousands wagered on a single half, let alone the entire game. As soon as the Super Bowl matchup is known, oddsmakers go right to formulate odds and sportsbooks compete to have the first Super Bowl lines available. For those not in the know about the spread, check out our NFL betting odds page for examples.There are different spreads for the Super Bowl that include the spread for the entire game, the first half alone, the second half alone, and each individual quarter. Do know that second half, as well as second, third, and fourth quarter spreads are only available between the halves, and respective quarters.

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Other straight betting options on the Super Bowl include over/unders & moneylines (betting to win the game straight up). These are often found right alongside the Super Bowl spreads and are available for all the different periods of the game. Just like the spread bets, second half, and quarters after the first are only available between the halves and respective quarters. If you need more information about what over/unders and moneyline wagers are, please consult the NFL betting odds page for clear examples.

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Live Betting On The Super Bowl

For those who like instant gratification, “Live Betting” on the Super Bowl is the way to go. At any point during the game, but mostly between plays, several live betting options will become available. These include things like run or pass on the next play, over/under yards gained on the next play, will the team with the ball score on this possession, etc… This is done through a live betting application and the odds literally appear and disappear in a matter of a few seconds. The action is extremely fast paced and is very exhilarating. Las Vegas does not offer betting like this but you can find it at the best online sports betting sites like Bovada. That is where we do live betting and recommend it to anyone wanting to try it.

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In Game Super Bowl Betting

Additionally, online sportsbooks will offer “In-Play Betting” which is similar to live betting however the action isn’t quite as fast and the betting options are limited to the overall game spread. During Super Bowl commercial breaks, sports betting sites like Bovada will offer an adjusted game spread depending on what has already happened in the game. This can be really profitable and just as rewarding as any other bet you can make on the Super Bowl. If you are curious to see how this works, click over to Bovada during a commercial break and watch how the spread is adjusted based upon the opening spread and the current score of the game.

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