Super Bowl 47 Prop Bets Graded, Find Out The Results Of Alicia Keys, Beyonce, The Harbaugh Brothers And More

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John And Jim HarbaughAfter what appeared to be a blowout win by the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII over the San Francisco 49ers, all we needed by a power outage in the Louisiana Superdome to make it one of the most exciting Super Bowls in recent memory.

The Ravens managed to hang on to win 34-31, despite a vicious comeback attempt by the 49ers, which was stalled on fourth-and-goal from the five yard line with under two minutes to play.

At the end of the game, those who placed wagers on the game were then able to look back and see how they fared.

Baltimore was a four-point underdog in the game, so not only did they cover, but any bettor who wagered on the moneyline in favor of the Ravens also won. The game lines were but a small fraction of the hundreds of betting odds that were formulated for the 2013 Super Bowl however.

Bovada Sportsbook was one of the top online sportsbooks that created many prop betting lines for the game, and the results of those bets started to come out on Monday.

Here are some of the results from betting odds formed for some of the pregame entertainment, as well as the postgame occurrences.

It starts with Alicia Keys singing that National Anthem. There were a total of three Super Bowl prop wagers formed by Bovada for this. One related to the total time it took for her to sing. The line was set at 2 minutes and 15 seconds, for which Keys took 2 minutes and 20 seconds for the over bet to win.

The second wager was whether or not Keys would be booed at any point while singing the National Anthem, for which she was not. And the final wager was whether Keys would forget or omit at least one word of the official lyrics, which she did not, paying bettors out 1 to 2.

There were several prop betting odds for the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show and Beyonce’s performance as well. Odds were formed from husband Jay-Z joining her on stage, to the style she would wear her hair.

Jay-Z did not join her on stage, which paid bettor our 2 to 3. Instead, viewers were treated to a Destiny’s child reunion, which is wear Beyonce first got her start.

With Beyonce wearing her hair curly, bettors who wagered on that option profited even money on the amount that they bet.

One of the biggest Super Bowl XLVII storylines related to the two head coaches in the game due to the fact that they were brothers. Big brother John Harbaugh got the best of little brother Jim Harbaugh for the second time in the NFL, though this one was certainly the biggest win in his tenure as the Ravens head coach.

There were a couple of wagers that pertained to this theme, including the parents of the two brothers and what they would be wearing for the game. Mom and Dad Harbaugh decided to go neutral, and did not wear any clothing with a logo of either team on them, which would have paid out 1 to 3 on a wager made at Bovada.

One of the big topics was the postgame handshake and how that would go at midfield following the conclusion of the game. It was a brief four-second handshake and conversation. The betting line for this was set at 7.5 seconds so a wager on the under total won the bet here.

The Super Bowl was never referred to on the CBS broadcast of the game as the Harbaugh Bowl, or the ‘Harbowl’, so any wager on that being used did not win.

President Barack Obama was interviewed live prior to the game in the pregame coverage, and many fans were awaiting his Super Bowl pick. The favorite was Baltimore prior to the interview, but President Obama opted not to make a selection for this game. As a result, any wager placed on the President’s pick was given back to the bettor, with no action made.

The next set of wagers formed by Bovada related to happenings immediately after the game. For example, the Gatorade shower is a fun tradition, where bettors could wager on the color it would be. But for this bet this year, there was no action, as no bucket was dumped on head coach John Harbaugh.

Click Here To Bet On Super Bowl PropsMVP of Super Bowl XLVII Joe Flacco did not thank anyone during his speech, prompting that wager on who the MVP would thank after the game first to garner no action, with the bet paid back to the bettor.

One of the most anticipated interviews of the evening came from Ray Lewis, who was playing in his last game in the NFL. Lewis retired after the game, winning his second Super Bowl as a Raven. Lewis is notorious for thanking god and the lord in his speeches, which prompted Bovada to formulate a betting line accordingly. The over/under on how many times he would mention god in his postgame interview was set at three. Lewis mentioned it one time, with a bet on the under profiting.

Throughout the rest of Monday, other prop bets for Super Bowl XLVII will continue to be graded, such as the ratings that the game received, as well as viewership, and even some social media wagers relating to Twitter, so check back with us as we find out the results.

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