Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Betting Odds

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With the Republican nomination for President of the United States likely going to Mitt Romney, the focus has shifted to another important factor in this race for the White House.

Who will Romney select as a running mate to go up against President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden?

Romney has not publicly given any hints as to who he will choose, but that has not stopped oddsmakers at Bovada Sportsbook from formulating betting odds on the subject.

Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Betting odds have set junior United States Senator from Florida Marco Rubio, and junior Senator from Ohio Rob Portman as the top favorites to be offered the opportunity.

Both have been installed with odds at 5/2 to run with Romney.

Rubio and Portman are actually well ahead of the others on the list of betting odds, indicating that oddsmakers believe that it will be one of these two Senators.

However, let’s take a look at some of the other options.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also a name being thrown around as a possibility, and is going off at 9/1 on the odds for the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. So to is U.S Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st District Paul Ryan.

Then there is the other possibility that Romney chooses one of the fellow Presidential nominees who ran against him.

Leading the way out of these is Rick Santorum, though he is down the list at 18/1 on the betting odds. Santorum’s name has definitely been mentioned over the last couple of weeks since he dropped out of the race, and will support Romney the rest of the way. New Gingrich is also on this list, but well back at 50/1 to be the selection.

Below, we have listed the full field odds for those who are being considered for the Vice Presidential nominee to run alongside Romney.

Republican VP OddsBovada Sportsbook 

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