Philadelphia Phillies Lead Early NL Pennant Betting Odds

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The Philadelphia Phillies have been at or near the top of the National League over the last several season, that includes a World Series championship in 2008. Entering the 2011 MLB Season, expectations couldn’t have been much higher, as Cliff Lee signed as a free agent to join Roy Halladay and the rest of the pitching staff that forms the best staff in baseball on paper.

And through the first half of the season, the Phillies have held up their end of the bargain that oddsmakers installed them with prior to the start of the year. Philadelphia has the best record in all of baseball, and are a huge favorite to win the National League Pennant and represent in the World Series.

In fact, the latest NL Pennant betting lines have the Phillies as an Even 1/1 favorite to win the National League. That means that for every $1 risked on wager on Philadelphia, a profit of $1 is returned.

Contrast that with the Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants going off at 7/1 just behind the Phillies, and it is quite a difference. The Phillies are seven times the favorite over their next-closest competitor in terms of odds. A $1 wager on San Francisco or Milwaukee would return a profit of $7.

Just behind the Giants and Brewers are the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Braves are in the NL East division with the Phillies, and despite having the second-best record in baseball at this current time, they remain fourth on the list of odds at 8/1 simply because of the fact that they oddsmakers predict them to compete for the wildcard spot by losing to Philadelphia in their division.

The Cardinals round out the top-five favorites to win the NL Pennant, going off at 9/1 on Bodog Sportsbook’s MLB Futures Betting Lines. St. Louis is in a hot battle with Milwaukee as the All-Star break is set to begin this upcoming weekend, and if both continue to play the way that they have been it could be a tightly contest NL Central division.

But one thing in terms of betting odds that is virtually certain, is that oddsmaker like the Phillies, as Philadelphia has been the season-long favorite and will continue to be in the near future.

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