PGA Betting Odds

While golf isn’t the most watched sport in America, it is still a great sport that has a loyal following that can relate to the game because they can play it competitively at home. And, it because of this following that we have PGA betting odds which allow us to wager on all aspects of professional golf. Golf can be very exciting to play and to watch on television however the real excitement lies in betting on PGA tournaments. Most have no conception on how to bet on golf but this page will hopefully educate those people on the specific ways to wager on golf as well as where to bet on PGA odds. And, if you already know how to bet on golf, that’s great… spread the word and let people know or send them here. Also, don’t be afraid to peruse yourself, you might just learn something you didn’t know.

This Week In The PGA

The second of two tournaments in Hawaii begins on Thursday, January 9th. Zach Johnson is coming off the victory at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions by one shot over Jordan Spieth. Johnson is in the field this week, but is second on the list of favorites to No.2 player in the world Adam Scott. Get the pre-tournament lines below + these odds are automatically updated and revised through each round.

Odds To Win The Sony Open – found at Bovada Sportsbook

Ways To Bet On PGA Tournaments

Before we go any further, you will notice that we refer to golf as PGA. This is because PGA is the name of the major professional golf tour here in the United States and is responsible for setting up other professional tours around the World, the PGA Tour. For you, your PGA Tour could be the European Tour, the Asian Tour, the Sunshine Tour, the Canadian Tour, or even the Tour de las Américas. Heck, it can even be a women’s professional tour but the point is that these types of betting odds we’re going to talk about are universal to golf no matter where you live, even if we call it PGA.

PGA Future Odds – The most commonly bet on form of PGA betting odds is that of PGA futures. This is because futures in professional golf are issued for every single tournament, not just for one event or one championship game like the NFL. Not only do you use futures to bet on who will win the majors like The Masters or the U.S. Open months ahead of time, but you also use futures to pick who will be on top of the leaderboard at the end of the week. In fact, PGA future odds are used between all rounds to re-handicap the field based upon where they stand in the tournament after the last round played. To win a bet on PGA future odds, you pick the winner, or a golfer to finish in the top 5, etc… and you’re right then you are a winner. PGA futures can pay out huge according to how much you wager and the PGA betting odds given to the selection you pick. If something with long odds hits, you can clear payouts in the range of $40 to $50 (or more) for every $1 wagered.

PGA Head To Head Betting Odds – Every tournament, the oddsmakers will pair up two golfer to go head to head for either a single round or the whole tournament. The object is to pick the golfer with the better finish. If golfer A finishes in 15th place and golfer B finishes in 6th place, golfer B wins. Or, if golfer A shoots a 64 in round one and golfer B shoots a 70 in round one, golder A wins. This type of PGA betting odds gives you a lot better shot at winning your bet than having to choose the single winning golfer from a field of 100+ capable professionals by narrowing the field to two golfers.

PGA 2 & 3 Ball Betting Odds – This form of betting is very similar to head-to-head betting odds but it is slightly different. For one, 2 & 3 ball lines generally only apply to golfers playing together on the course. For example, in a 3 man weekday group, all 3 golfers would be given odds to have the best round as compared to their playing partners. If any of the golfers tie for the round, the entire bet is graded a push. However, in a 2 man weekend pairing, both golfers have odds against each other however a third option of a tie can be bet on. With a 2 man pairing, a tie will not push the bet as the tie is the winner because it is a betting option.

PGA Prop Betting Odds – These can be extremely fun especially before big golf tournaments and all of the majors. Golf prop betting odds break down betting on PGA tourneys is a variety of ways, many that you may not have ever thought of. Below we will list a lot of the ways that you might see golf props at our online sportsbooks. These golf prop types are found at Bovada, our leading PGA betting site.

  • Will There Be A 59 Recorded On The PGA Tour In A Particular Season?
  • Golfer Over/Under Tournament Wins In A Particular Season
  • Round One Leader Betting Odds
  • Top 5 Finish Betting Odds
  • Will (Insert Any Big Name Golfer) Get A Hole-In-One At (Insert Any Prestigious Golf Tournament)?
  • Top Finishing Player From A Particular Nationality Betting Odds
  • Nationality Of Winning Player
  • Over/Under Majors Won For A Single Golfer In A Particular Season
  • and more…

Where To Bet On PGA Betting Odds

Well, there is only one answer to this question… Bovada. Whether you want to bet on The Masters in November or bet on the U.S. Open in January, Bovada will have you cormvered. They take great pride in offering PGA betting odds early especially on majors and bigger tournaments. In general, Bovada had betting odds for PGA tournaments on the Monday following the previous tournament. This gives you plenty of time to weigh the odds and find the bet that makes the most sense to you and your bankroll. Bovada operates with the utmost class and is truly an industry leader when it comes to wagering on golf. And, if you visit Bovada through us, you will automatically become eligible for a 20% matching deposit bonus worth up to $100 free when making your first deposit into the sportsbook. Bovada is USA friendly and highly recommended for all types of PGA betting odds.