Orb Triple Crown Betting Odds Formed As Kentucky Derby Winner Looks To Preakness And Belmont

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OrbThe Triple Crown cannot be won without first capturing the Kentucky Derby. This past Saturday, Orb was able to do just that, and win the first leg of the three Triple Crown races. It’s not always that we see the favorite win the Kentucky Derby, but that was the case this year as Orb won the 139th Kentucky Derby. Now, the question is whether or not this thoroughbred will be able to complete the final two stages.

Prior to the Kentucky Derby, oddsmakers had already established betting lines relating to the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown. In fact, 5Dimes Sportsbook released Triple Crown odds for every thoroughbred in the field. A wager on Orb winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont this year was set at 20 to 1.

As we move past the Kentucky Derby with Orb winning, obviously those odds will have shifted. Bovada Sportsbook has now released a post-Kentucky Derby Triple Crown betting line for Orb, asking whether or not he will be able to accomplish a feat that has been absent for 35 years.

Affirmed was the last thoroughbred to win the Triple Crown, winning all three races back in 1978. In fact, Affirmed was the second-straight horse to do that. Seattle Slew accomplished the same feat a year earlier in 1977.

What’s the reason that we haven’t had a Triple Crown winner since? That’s hard to say. What we know for sure though is that Orb is the only horse with a chance to do that in 2013.

Bettors looking to get in on Triple Crown Odds at Bovada will still be able to get a nice payout should Orb come through at the Preakness and then the Belmont. Orb is set at 5/2 to win the final two races and become that first Triple Crown thoroughbred since 1978. A wager against Orb winning the Triple Crown is set at 1 to 4. So there is profit to be made on both sides of the possible outcome, with more than just a ‘yes’ option.

The 138th Preakness is the next Triple Crown race on the schedule, which will take place in just two weeks on Saturday, May 18th. We won’t have to wait much longer to find out whether or not the 2013 Belmont, which will take place on June 8th, will be a race for history.

Should Orb win the Preakness, you can bet that the payout of 5 to 2 that is currently available will go down quite a bit. Bettors who get in on the action early and don’t wait will have the highest payout.

There will be individual Preakness betting lines making their way to online sportsbooks in the coming days as well, for which we can likely expect Orb to be the favorite going in. Check out Orb’s odds at Bovada, as well as across some of the other top online sportsbooks around, directly below.

Will Orb Win The Triple Crown?
Yes +250 (5/2) Coming Soon +270 (27/10)
No -400 (1/4) Coming Soon -390 (10/39)

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