New England Patriots Lead Early AFC Championship Game Odds

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July 13th, 2011 – By Bryan Cross

The NFL lockout looks to be on the verge of ending, with the players eager to get back on the field in training camp, with the Preseason scheduled to start in one month.

And as the season draws nearer, betting odds continue to spring up.

One such betting line on Intertops sportsbook are the Odds To Win The AFC Championship Game this year. At the forefront of that list are the New England Patriots. The Patriots reached the Divisional round of the playoffs last season before losing to the New York Jets. As a result, the Patriots were eliminated and their season ended. Now however, at 3/1, New England is at the top of the AFC pre-season betting lines on Intertops.

Just behind the Patriots are the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers sit second in the line of favorites to win the AFC Championship game, going off at 7/2 on Intertops. Pittsburgh reached the Super Bowl last season, but dropped to the Green Bay Packers.

Rounding out the top-three preseason AFC Championship game are the San Diego Chargers. Philip Rivers and company are routinely competitors in the AFC with their dominant offense, with oddsmakers setting them at 6/1.

Coming in behind the top-three are the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets, both set at 7/1. The AFC is crowded at the top, with no clear-cut favorite behind the Patriots to compete for the AFC Championship and a berth in Super Bowl XLVI.

Of course, not all teams a predicted to be competitive this upcoming season. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills are on the bottom of this betting line looking up, with long-shot odds to win the AFC. The Bills hold the title of the biggest long-shot, going off at 66/1 on Intertops Sportsbook to win the AFC Championship. Buffalo had the second-worst record in the NFL last season.

The 2011 NFL Season, pending the lockout, is scheduled to begin on Thurs. Sept. 8.

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