Minimum 7 To 2 Return For Predicting The Correct Margin Of Victory & Winner Of 2013 Super Bowl

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Click Here To Bet On Super Bowl PropsThe San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will meet on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII down in New Orleans in the Superdome. It’s the 10th time that the Super Bowl will be hosted by New Orleans, that last combing back in 2001.

The 49ers have been installed as four-point favorites over the Ravens in the game. To cover, San Francisco will need to win by at least five points, while a Baltimore loss by three points of less would give them a victory against the spread for the bettor.

But outside of the point spread and other game lines like the money line and the over/under point total, there are a number of other betting odds for Super Bowl XLVII to take note of. If you are a bettor who is looking for a bit more of a profit margin on the outcome of the game, Bovada Sportsbook might have something for you.

It’s what is known as a margin of victory prop betting line.

The margin of victory betting line for Super Bowl XLVII installs both the Ravens and the 49ers with several victory ranges in the game. It starts from one point up to a certain amount, and can go all the way up to five touchdowns or more. Obviously, the more out-there a victory margin is perceived, the higher the profit margin.

Looking at Bovada’s margin of victory betting line, a victory by San Francisco from 1-6 points is going off as a 7/2 favorite. This isn’t surprising, considering that the official betting line for the game has already been set as four points, and this margin would fall into that category.

There are several others close in proximity to the payout though. A 49ers win from 7-12 points, or a Ravens win from 1-6 points is paying out 4/1 on the profit margin, which is just behind the leading favorite.

The margins keep going on down the line, all the way to a San Francisco win by 37 points or more, which pays out at 33/1, or a Ravens win by 37 or more points which pays out double that at 66/1. There is everything in between as well, with bettors getting the chance to take a risk on a victory margin for a profit significantly greater than right around even money that is seen on the four-point game line.

Check out all of the payouts and margins below.

  • Ravens Win By 1 to 6 points 4/1
  • Ravens Win By 7 to 12 points 6/1
  • Ravens Win By 13 to 18 points 10/1
  • Ravens Win By 19 to 24 points 18/1
  • Ravens Win By 25 to 30 points 33/1
  • Ravens Win By 31 to 36 points 66/1
  • Ravens Win By 37 or more points 66/1
  • 49ers Win By 1 to 6 points 7/2
  • 49ers Win By 7 to 12 points 4/1
  • 49ers Win By 13 to 18 points 6/1
  • 49ers Win By 19 to 24 points 10/1
  • 49ers Win By 25 to 30 points 16/1
  • 49ers Win By 31 to 36 points 25/1
  • 49ers Win By 37 or more points 33/1

Also, it’s definitely worth noting that the exact margin of victory is available where you can bet on either team to win by one point all the way up to a 49 point win where the payouts are astronomical. You can find those odds and other team props in the tool we’ve provided directly below.

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