The Masters Betting Odds

The Masters is the first Major Championship of the year during the PGA Tour Season, taking place at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia in the beginning of April. It is one of the most prestigious venues and championships to win, where golfers tackle the natural terrain, and difficult greens in pursuit of a Green Jacket.

The first Masters, (then known as the Augusta National Invitational, later named The Masters in 1939) was won by Horton Smith back in 1934. Since, it has only grown in tradition and history, and is not just one of the most popular events on the PGA Tour, but one of the most popular sport events in the world.

And with the sport of golf continuing to grow each year, reaching further and further into new countries, it’s as big as ever.

Also becoming more popular, is betting on PGA Tour events, like the Masters. With the popularity of the Masters, oddsmakers and online sportsbooks form a variety of odds for the event, even more than the normal betting lines for a regular PGA Tour event. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you can bet on the Masters.

Latest PGA Betting Odds News

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2014 Masters Betting Odds – found at Bovada Sportsbook on 1/9/2014

The chapter has flipped to 2014 with tournaments in Hawaii already underway. Of course, the start of the 2013-14 PGA Tour season opened in the fall for the first time ever. We are still several months from the first Major Championship of the season, but betting lines are available right now at Bovada Sportsbook. To no surprise, Tiger Woods is at the top going off at 5/1. Woods will be looking for his first Masters victory since 2005. Defending champion Adam Scott is right up there as well.

  • Tiger Woods 5/1
  • Rory McIlroy 10/1
  • Phil Mickelson 12/1
  • Adam Scott 14/1
  • Henrik Stenson 14/1
  • Justin Rose 22/1
  • Jason Day 25/1
  • Dustin Johnson 28/1
  • Brandt Snedeker 33/1
  • Charl Schwartzel 33/1
  • Lee Westwood 33/1
  • Luke Donald 33/1
  • Ian Poulter 40/1
  • Jason Dufner 40/1
  • Jordan Spieth 40/1
  • Keegan Bradley 40/1
  • Louis Oosthuizen 40/1
  • Matt Kuchar 40/1
  • Sergio Gracia 40/1
  • Bubba Watson 40/1

Ways To Bet On The Masters

There are lots of different ways to bet on The Masters… probably more than you realize. Of course, we all know you can bet on who will win but did you know that you can bet on individual matchups, top 5 finishes, top 10 finishes, top finisher from a particular nationality, and more? Well, that is exactly what you’re going to learn about below. Keep reading to see what is available and when these odds are posted, you will find them as well. We hope you will find this page as useful as we had fun writing it for you.

Masters Future Odds – From the end of the Masters the year prior, up until the first tee time of the following Masters, Future Betting Odds to win the Masters are available on online sportsbooks almost year-round. Because the Masters is one of the four Major Championships each season, and as a result is more popular, oddsmakers take note of this and make sure that these Master Futures Odds are available almost always. Now, these odds do change as players win more, or win less, and we can see odds shift significantly. Here, you simply select a player prior to the start of the tournament who you believe will win, and make the selection. The Masters future odds are available up until the first tee time on Thursday of the tournament.

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Masters Head-To-Head Odds – During the week of the Masters, oddsmakers will form betting odds matching two players against one another. Now, these players most likely will not be in the same grouping. This betting line matches two players to have the better finish in the Masters. For example, if Tiger Woods finished in fifth place, while Phil Mickelson finished in 10th by the end of the Masters, Woods would obviously win the head-to-head line. This is a betting line for those who like to narrow things down a bit, and might prefer this wager over a wager by picking full-field betting lines. It makes it simple and direct, and gives you a player to root for!

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Masters 2 & 3 Ball Odds – Like the head-to-head, Masters 2-ball and 3-ball betting odds match players against one another. But the difference is that these betting lines are on a round-by-round basis for the lower score. Often times, the lines are formed for each grouping to shoot the lower score for the day. If any two players tie during Thursday and Friday in which they go out in threesomes, then the bet is a push. However during the weekend, we see an extra line where a tie would profit much better than picking either player. This is because the likelihood of that occurring is much less.

Not available at this time – Check back or click here to see the Masters 2 & 3 ball betting odds at Bovada

Revised Masters Betting Odds – At the beginning of each tournament prior to the first tee time, the odds to win are set. And then the players tee off and play gets underway. So what we have after the conclusion of each round are what we call revised tournament betting lines. These new tournament odds are formed following the conclusion of each round on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The adjustments are obviously made based on the performance of the favorites and underdogs throughout the tournament. If a player well-back in the odds to begin with  sits atop the leaderboard on Friday or Saturday, his odds will greatly improve. This is another way to narrow down the variables during each round.

You can find revised odds to win The Masters between rounds by clicking the preceding link

Masters Field Props – The four Major championships each season are much more popular than a regular event, and oddsmakers form many more betting lines throughout. This can be seen in the Masters Field Props. For example, odds might break down each member of the field by grouping them in their respective country, and forming a line from there. Often times we see odds for the Top American Finisher, top European finisher, top Asian finisher etc. This plays to the popularity of golf, and consequently betting on golf appeals to a variety of countries across the world. In addition, online sportsbooks will also feature top-three, top-five or even top-10 betting odds, in which you wager on a player not winning, but producing a high finish. Depending on how deep you go down the list of favorites, you could see a significant profit made if you win.

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Miscellaneous Masters Props – These other types of Masters prop odds are fun and various in nature. For example, hole-in-one prop odds are popular, as well as the margin of victory for the Masters, and whether or not we will see a playoff for the Green Jacket. But these are just a few examples. Since the prop lines vary so much, it is difficult to group these into one individual category outside of a prop line. But what you need to know, is that there are going to be plenty of Masters betting odds for you to place wagers and look through throughout the course of the week.

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