Latest 2012 Political Betting Odds

During Presidential election years (2012, 2016, 2020, and so on…) it is not uncommon to see lots of different political betting odds for everything from ‘Who will win the Republican nomination?’, to ‘Who will be the next President of the United States?’. The Super Bowl is big, so is the World Cup, but nothing is more important than who wins political elections particularly here in the United States where we elect or re-elect our Commander in Chief for the next four years. Election years are very exciting and political odds makers leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding ways to bet on elections. Keep it clicked here and we’ll show you some of the different ways to wager on political races, examples of different bets you may encounter, and show you where to bet on them.

Latest Political Betting Odds

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2012 Presidential Betting Odds

This year, the 2012 Presidential betting odds have really been heating up. With President Obama seeking re-election and several strong candidates from the GOP in contention, the 2012 race should be nothing short of extraordinary. So far, Obama has seemed to have complete control of the odds to be U.S. President but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to win. Being at the top of the odds only means he is likely to win however a lot of stuff can happen in the weeks and days leading up to the election. Remember that whole Dewey/Truman fiasco in 1948 where Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey (despite what the Chicago Tribune said)? Well, it can happen again. If they’d had Presidential betting odds back in 1948, Dewey would have been a much bigger favorite than Obama is today. The point being, don’t rule anybody out until they bow out which is the general stance that online sportsbooks take as evidenced by Hillary Clinton still having odds in March.

Below we have a screenshot of the odds to win the 2012 Presidential election as found at Bovada (our preferred online sportsbook for betting politics). We will try to keep our screenshot updated however you can always click on it to see the latest odds to be the next President as long as they available for wagering. If you click the screenshot and don’t see the odds, chances are they will be back up in as little as an hour or two but usually the odds are never down for more than a day.

2012 Republican Nominee Odds

The GOP nominee odds are a hot topic heading into the national conventions simply because they are the ones challenging for the White House and need to select their party’s representative. The Democrats will obviously be represented by the incumbent President Barack Obama, but who is going to represent the Republican side? Well, that is exactly what the odds to win the Republican nomination are asking and if you know the answer, you can pocket some extra cash. While lots of potential GOP nominees have come and gone (Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann) a select few including Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, & Ron Paul have managed to hang in there to at least make it to the Super Tuesday primaries (March 6th, 2012). The 2012 Republican Nomination odds should cool down after Super Tuesday however getting to that point will be much fun and could be very profitable for smart bettors.

Click the screenshot below to bet on the 2012 Republican nominee odds or to see the most current lines. Please do know that Bovada removes the betting lines every night at 11pm EST and on days that primaries are being held.

2012 Democratic Nominee Odds

There really isn’t much to talk about here as the Democrats will be represented by incumbent President Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election. This has pretty much been a known fact for a while now as sportsbooks like Bovada haven’t had 2012 Democratic nomination odds available since June of 2011. No matter the result of the 2012 Presidential election, the 2016 Democratic Nominee odds are going to be a huge topic as the Democrats will have to find a new nominee even if they win the 2012 Presidential election.

2012 Presidential Election – Winning Party

Simple enough, pick the winning party of the 2012 Presidential election. It is one choice or the other… Democrats or Republicans. And, in 2012 that bet basically means Barack Obama vs. (insert any or all GOP nominees here). Since these odds opened, the Democrats have been in firm control and it is because the incumbent typically has the advantage according to statistics. Additionally, Barack Obama’s charisma plays a big role in the Dems being favored over the Republicans. Realistically, we’re no better off than we were four years ago and we’re still waiting to see that “Change” come to fruition however Obama is still favored as are the Democrats.

Click the screenshot below to bet on the Presidential winning party odds or to see the most current lines. Know that Bovada removes the betting lines every night at 11pm EST but typically leaves these odds up during the party primaries. These odds should be available within any given 24 hour period during election years.

2012 State Primary Odds

As we’ve previously discussed, the Republicans are the one’s challenging for the White House in 2012 and therefore they are the only ones that need to worry about state primaries. The primaries began right after the new year on January 3rd, 2012 with the Iowa Caucus. As the primaries for the individual states approach (particularly the bigger states with greater number of electoral votes and representatives at the Republican National Convention), odds to win the state primaries emerge. In cases like Super Tuesday when there are 10+ primaries and caucuses, the state primary odds really heat up. The odds vary state to state based upon various political polls and while candidate A may be favored in one state, he may be the second favorite in another state.

We try to keep an updated screenshot of any available state primary odds however they come and go very quickly, usually in only a few days in the week leading up to the primary. If you want to see the most current state primary election odds, click the preceding link or the screenshot.

Other Ways To Bet On Politics

Outside of Presidential and party nominee odds, there are political betting odds for lots of different races from the U.S. House & Senate down to the state level with gubernatorial and races for seats in the state’s legislature. These odds do not hardly get any attention during Presidential election years however on any other year they are widely available as the elections draw close and the races materialize. These aren’t available for every state however you can request odds from online betting sites like Bovada. If they can accommodate your request, they will be more than happy to provide betting lines.

If we see these, we will be prompt in posting them here however you can check for yourself by clicking the following link that takes you to the political betting odds at Bovada.

Where To Bet On Politics?

This is not an easy question and frankly, not every sportsbook we promote can adequately handle all the attention and traffic that political betting odds bring. For this reason, we exclusively recommend Bovada. We have a special relationship with the sportsbook and it is not uncommon for us to request special betting lines for our readers when it comes to politics or any other subject that can be bet on. We know the level of service you can expect from Bovada because we use it ourselves on daily basis to make our own sporting wagers. Bovada is a completely safe sportsbook that has numerous deposit and withdrawal methods for U.S. based bettors… something you can not find at all sportsbooks even if they do accept USA players. Other points to note about Bovada is their 20% to $100 deposit bonus which carries a very low rollover of just 3x. Bovada does a great job of keeping up with all the races and sometimes you just might a really crazy political prop bet that gives odds for a charity boxing match between two Canadian politicians… ahem Patrick Brazeau & Justin Trudeau.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, check with BetOnline or even 5Dimes Sportsbook as they sometimes have political betting odds that other books don’t have.