Latest NFL Super Bowl 50 Betting Odds

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The NFL is gearing up for the event of the season and many fans are wondering if they live in or around states with legal sports betting . The answer is yes, you will be able to use a legal sportsbook no matter where you live. Super bowl 50 is inching closer and it looks like history is to repeat itself as the Patriots are queued to win again, according to the latest odds at Bovada. Bettors will be scrutinizing the numbers and weighing the pros and cons of each Super Bowl hopeful.

The Pats who are 9/2 have been plagued by injury, including that of star QB Tom Brady. They have also suffered two back to back losses, which dropped them from the No. 1 seed to No. 2. Don’t fret though, there is still a silver lining. They have a week to get healthy and of course, that small matter of having arguably the best QB and TE in the league. It’s too early to say who this champion team will be defending their title against, but whomever it is, the odds are still in their favor.

The Arizona Cardinals, 9/2 filling in the No. 2 ranking for odds and they too have experienced some downfalls these past weeks. One such shortcoming is an embarrassing loss to the Seattle Seahawks. However, they too have an off week to get healthy and motivated with a game plan for their upcoming wild card matchup. Arizona has a talented backfield, an experienced QB, and their breakout RB David Johnson. With these tools and obvious talent, they just might win the Super Bowl, only if they can keep it together.

The Carolina Panthers will be taking the No.3 in the rankings with 5/1. Cam Newton and star RB Jonathon Stewart coming back into the fold the Panthers may just finish out their amazing 15-1 season hoisting the Super Bowl 50 trophy. They feature a hard-hitting defense with an aggressive DB core, and a duel threat offense. This team plans to take it all from the ground and the air.

The Seahawks were stagnant through much of the season, but once Russel Wilson reemerged, they found themselves No. 4 in the rankings with 6-1.  They will have to face off with the Vikings in the wild card round, and come to terms with beat down they received from Arizona. If they can do this, the Seahawks will be flying high and not much can slow them down from a possible Super Bowl win.

The Denver Broncos No. 5 and tied 6-1 with the Seahawks. They have spared no one this season with their unparalleled defense, composed of a mixture of agility, brutality, and tangibility. This team is more than capable of shutting down any team’s offense. They proved this when going up against the Bengals, whom for a moment thought their 14-point lead meant something, until the Broncos dug in their hooves and slowly stamped them out. There is no question that this team is a champion team worthy of Super Bowl glory and with Peyton Manning at the front of the herd, getting rid of them will be a huge chore.

Some of the honorable mentions and underdogs are teams like the No. 6 Steelers 7-1, No. 8 Packers 35-1, and No. 10 Bengals 25-1. The Steelers have bottom seed right now, but if they defeat the Bengals in their wild card round, they may end up playing the top seed Broncos again. Green Bay may have been the favorites of the NFC, but their 6 losses and Aaron Rodgers horrible passing rate have affected this team’s chances as the title. After Andy Dalton’s thumb injury, and AJ McCarron’s loss at Pittsburgh, it’s up in the air if they can get through wild card weekend, and ultimately to the Super Bowl. This is the latest in the Super Bowl 50 odds, and bettors looking for the favorite team, or want to risk an underdog upset, these are the teams and odds to be watching closely.