Say What?!? Kansas City Chiefs Last Undefeated Team, Now 14/1 To Win Super Bowl!

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After the first seven weeks of the 2013 NFL regular season there is just one undefeated team left… and it’s not who you think!

No, it’s not the Denver Broncos, nor is it the New England Patriots. It’s not the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, and it’s definitely not the Atlanta Falcons.

Chances are you would have never guessed that it would be the Kansas City Chiefs sitting alone at 7-0 even if we had given you 31 chances to guess.

Unless you are a die-hard Chiefs fan, or your last name is Hunt, it is highly unlikely you’d ever pick a team coming off a 2-14 campaign where the only good thing that came out of it was the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

How did the Chiefs get here then?

Besides having their pick of all the college talent entering the NFL this year, Kansas City didn’t waste time bringing on Andy Reid to coach ’em up and it has proven to be a smart move. Anytime you’re trying to reform a team that won just two games the season before, it has to start from the top. Apparently Reid provided just the change the Chiefs needed after his message had grown stale in Philadelphia, and there is little doubt his experience has helped in making such a quick + efficient transition.

Beyond that, the acquisition of QB Alex Smith has really propelled Kansas City’s offense and his stability is even paying dividends with Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs’ rushing attack. Steady as she goes, Smith has been a nice upgrade over Matt Cassell and Brady Quinn whom Kansas City was saddled with last year.

Of course, a #1 draft pick (OT Eric Fisher), a new head coach, and a new quarterback aren’t the only ingredients that have propelled Kansas City as they already had talent and we’re not just talking about the aforementioned Jamaal Charles.

Evidence of this claim can be found in Kansas City’s dominating defense which has proudly been on display for the first seven weeks. In fact, KC can have an average offense and still go deep just due to the fact they will be in games late. Furthermore, the Chiefs defense doesn’t just stop the other team from scoring… they score!

Is it too late to bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl?

Absolutely not, and the better news is that there is still room to make a really healthy profit as Kansas City is still getting 14 to 1 (+1400) odds to be the last team standing. Right now that puts them in the top quarter of the league but soon we could see them as high as top-5 or top-3 in the list of odds to win Super Bowl 48. In fact, Kansas City could even overtake Denver in the odds to win the AFC West the longer they maintain the outright division lead.

“Being undefeated and now only 2-1 to surpass Denver and win the AFC West has all to do with them being right in the mix,” said Kevin Bradley, Sportsbook Manager for “If they can show that they can beat a team like the Broncos, expect these odds to shorten even more.”

On Kansas City’s Super Bowl odds, Bradley said, “As high as 50-1 before the season began and now the lowest they have been in years at 14-1 to win the Super Bowl, none of the Chiefs’ drop off has to do with money we have taken on them. In fact, they are one of the teams that has taken in the least money to win it all, and if they were to win, it would be a great result for the book.”

Normally when a line starts to move as much as the Chiefs’ have, it’s because the public is putting their money on it, but as Mr. Bradley stated, that is simply not the case with KC.

Think about that for a minute, we’ll wait. That is really impressive considering the minds that formulate these betting odds are the same minds that routinely set the spread within a point or two of the actual result the majority of the time. To us that speaks volumes, but of course, it is what happens on the field that makes the difference.

What’s ahead for the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs?

The next two weeks should not present much of a challenge for Kansas City as they head into the bye. With games versus Cleveland and at Buffalo in weeks 8 + 9 respectively, the Chiefs could easily be sitting at 9-0.

After the bye in Week 10, the Kansas City Chiefs’ schedule is heavy with AFC West opponents. Thus far they’ve only played one game in the division (vs. Raiders) which means there are still two meetings with both Denver (Week 11 + 13) and San Diego (12 + 17) as well as another game versus Oakland before the end of the season.

Beyond the remaining division schedule, mix in games at Washington and at home versus Indianapolis, and the Chiefs probably have one of the toughest schedules coming down the stretch.

Will they hold the top overall seed going into the 2013 NFL playoffs, or will they get swept under by the Broncos? We don’t know and only time will tell, but we do think Kansas City will either win the division or be a 12-win wildcard team.

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