Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga Among Those Favored To Win At 2011 MTV VMAs

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With the MTV VMA Awards 2011 ceremony just a few days away, Sunday, August 25th, betting oddsmakers have taken notice. Currently, several online sports betting sites are offering odds on the winners of several categories including ‘Best Male Music Video’, ‘Best Female Music Video’, and ‘Best New Artist Music Video’.

With that said, here are the categories that currently have 2011 MTV VMA Awards odds (courtesy of Bodog Sportsbook)

2011 MTV VMA Awards – Best Male Video
Justin Bieber (U Smile) +140
Cee Lo Green (F*** You) +180
Eminem ft. Rhianna (Love The Way You Lie) +350
Kanye West ft. Rhianna (All Of The Lights) +450
Bruno Mars (Grenade) +1000

Justin Bieber is currently favored to win this award as indicated by his +140 odds. With a $1 wager on The Biebs, bettors stand to win $1.40 plus the original $1 wagered. Closely behind Bieber is Cee Lo with his hit single F*** You at +180. With those odds, a $1 wager wins $1.80 plus the original $1 wagered. Other wagers: Eminem & Rhianna – $1 to win $3.50, Kanye West & Rhianna – $1 to win $4.50, Bruno Mars – $1 to win $10.

2011 MTV VMA Awards – Best Female Video
Lady Gaga (Born This Way) +120
Katy Perry (Firework) +275
Adele (Rolling In The Deep) +275
Nicki Minaj (Super Bass) +450
Beyonce (Run The World) +800

Unlike the first wager, Lady Gaga appears to be a clear favorite to win the award for Best Female Video. And, even though she is the favorite, odds currently have her at better than 1 to 1. A $1 wager on Lady Gaga would pay $1.20 plus the original wager. Katy Perry and Adele are both tied for second with +275 odds which means bettors win $2.75 for every $1 wagered. Other wagers: Nicki Minaj – $1 to win $4.50, Beyonce – $1 to win $8.

2011 MTV VMA Awards – Best Pop Video
Katy Perry (Last Friday Night) EVEN
Adele (Rolling In The Deep) +145
Pitbull (Give Me Everything) +525
Bruno Mars (Grenade) +700
Britney Spears (Till The World Ends) +1200

In this category, Katy Perry leads the field with even odds. Even odds means every $1 wagered wins $1, even pay. Behind her is Adele with +145 odds. With those odds, bettors stand to win $1.45 for every $1 wagered should Adele pull the upset. Other wagers: Pitbull – $1 to win $5.25, Bruno Mars – $1 to win $7, Britney Spears – $1 to win $12.

2011 MTV VMA Awards – Best Rock Video
Mumford & Sons (The Cave) +175
Foster the People (Pumped Up Kicks) +230
Foo Fighters (Walk) +280
The Black Keys (Howlin’ For You) +400
Cage The Elephant (Shake Me Down) +625

This is the tightest of all categories that have odds issued. Mumford & Sons currently leads the field with their +175 odds or wager $1 to win $1.75. Behind them are Foster The People with their hit single ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ at +230. Should Foster The People pull the upset, bettors stand to win $2.30 for every $1 wagered. Other wagers: Foo Fighters – $1 to win $2.80, The Black Keys – $1 to win $4, Cage The Elephant – $1 to win $6.25.

2011 MTV VMA Awards – Best Hip-Hop Video
Kanye West ft. Rhianna & Kid Cudi (All Of The Lights) +200
Nicki Minaj (Super Bass) +225
Lil’ Wayne (6 Foot, 7 Foot) +250
Chris Brown ft. Lil’ Wayne & Busta Rhymes (Look At Me Now) +300
Lupe Fiasco (The Show Goes On) +1200

This is another tight category between the top 4 videos. Kanye West leads the field at +200 which would pay $2 for every $1 wagered. Right behind him is Nicki Ninaj at +225 or wager $1 to win $2.25. Other wagers: Lil Wayne – $1 to win $2.50, Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes – $1 to win $3, Lupe Fiasco – $1 to win $12.

2011 MTV VMA Awards – Best New Artist Video
Wiz Khalifa (Black & Yellow) +120
Kreayshawn (Gucci Gucci) +175
Tyler, the Creator (Yonkers) +325
Foster the People (Pumped Up Kicks) +600
Big Sean ft. Chris Brown (My Last) +1200

This category just for the new artists is a close one at the top. Wiz Khalifa and Kreayshawn are neck and neck. Currently, Wiz Khalifa leads with +120 odds, or win $1.20 for every $1 wagered while Kreayshawn is just behind at +175, or win $1.75 for every $1 wagered. Other wagers: Tyler, the Creator – $1 to win $3.25, Foster the People – $1 to win $6, Big Sean ft. Chris Brown – $1 to win $12.

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