French Open Betting Odds

The French Open is the second Grand Slam of the tennis season, and one of the biggest tournaments in the world. Over the last decade, the French Open has largely been dominated by one man. Rafael Nadal has won six French Opens, including last year. But this is a new year, and Nadal has some competition at the top. No.1 ranked player in the world Novak Djokovic will try to win his first career win at the French Open, as it was the only Grand Slam title to elude him a year ago. On this page, we will keep you up to date with the Latest French Open Betting Odds as we progress towards the opening round, and continue on through to the finals until the champion is crowned. So stick with us for everything French Open Betting Odds and find out what the odds are, and how to bet on them.

Latest 2012 French Open Betting Odds 

Currently, Rafael Nadal is set as a 10/11 favorite to win his seventh French Open title, with Novak Djokovic not far behind at 3/2. Roger Federer reached the Final last year against Nadal, but was not able to win at Roland Garros. Still, Federer comes in at 8/1 to win. But the odds clearly favor Nadal and Djokovic.

Types Of French Open Betting Odds

There are a variety of ways to bet on the French Open. From Futures odds formed months in advance leading up to the tournament, to individual match odds and prop lines. French Open Odds, and tennis odds in general for that matter, actually field quite a few different types of wagers during the course of a tournament, in particular the Grand Slams.

French Open Futures

French Open Futures odds are one of the most simple wagers to make when placing a bet on the French Open. These odds are typically up months in advance of the tournament, usually sometime after the Australian Open. These odds are formulated and fielded prior to the start of the opening round. Players in the field will be installed with odds to win the French Open based on how they have performed up to the start.

French Open Match Odds

French Open individual match odds are another straightforward wager when betting on the tournament. Each player paired against one another in a match are installed with odds to win. Placing a wager on a player to win will earn that player’s payoff on the dollar amount wagered should they win.

Rafael Nadal -200
Roger Federer +200

Here in the example, Nadal and Federer are playing each other, with Nadal set as a hypothetical -200 favorite, while Federer is in the role of the underdog at +200.

French Open Props

French Open Prop odds vary a bit depending on where the tournament is and how far along. As we get down to the semifinals and finals, many more prop odds are formed. These prop betting lines can range from over/under set and point totals, to the exact outcome of a match and more.