Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto Betting Lines, Props, & More

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Tonight marks the night that has been a long time coming for boxing fans.  Finally, the world will get to see undefeated Floyd Mayweather in the biggest pay-per-view event so far this year.

The welterweight title will be on the line for Mayweather (42-0) and up for grabs for the taking for Cotto (37-2).  The question is will at 35 yrs old will Mayweather continue his dominance.

Despite two losses compared to zero for Mayweather, Cotto’s resume coming into the fight is almost as comparable.  His two losses came against Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley, both very formidable opponents.  Not to mention, he’s beaten some of the best as well.

But it will be a tall task to accomplish, that being getting a victory over Mayweather.  In fact, Bovada Sportsbook isn’t giving him much of a chance either as they have Mayweather favored in their Cotto vs Mayweather Betting Odds with a moneyline set at -700.  Cotto has his line set at +450.

In addition to the fight line, Bovada has also fielded some great Prop Bets for this fight as well.  Listed below are some that are now available to wager on with the first few in regards to the total number of rounds.

Over    9 1/2  (-260)
Under   9 1/2  (+180)

Over  3 1/2  (-250)
Under  3 1/2  (+800)

Over  5 1/2  (-900)
Under  5 1/2  (+450)

Over  7 1/2  (-500)
Under   7 1/2  (+300)

Over   11 1/2  (-190)
Under   11 1/2  (+135)

The next prop bet focuses on how the fight will end with a moneyline set for each available wager..

Floyd Mayweather Jr by KO, TKO or DQ       (+185)
Floyd Mayweather Jr by Decision                 (-140)
Miguel Cotto by KO, TKO, or DQ                (+750)
Miguel Cotto by Decision                            (+1200)
Draw                                                       (+3500)

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Miguel Cotto

Floyd Mayweather Jr is knocked down or out     (+375)
Floyd Mayweather Jr is not knocked down or out    (-700)

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto is knocked down or out    (-160)
Miguel Cotto is not knocked down or out   (+115)

These are just a few of the available Prop bets available.  Visit Bovada for a complete list of all the Prop Bets.

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