Early Betting Odds Favor Floyd Mayweather Big Over Victor Ortiz

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Floyd Mayweather will put his will put an end to a 16-month fight drought in September when will get into the ring with Victor Ortiz.

Mayweather is the current titleholder of the WBC Super Welterweight division, with a 41-0 record, and will put his title on the line against Ortiz who is 29-2 in his career.

And while Ortiz might be his opponent in the ring, oddsmakers on online sportsbooks do not believe that Mayweather will get much of a challenge from Ortiz. Boxing Betting Lines on Bodog Sportsbooks have set Mayweather as a huge -1200 favorite. That means that for a bettor to turn a $100 profit by placing a wager on Mayweather, they would have to risk $1,200.

On the other side of the ring, Ortiz will obviously assume the role of the big underdog in this bout, installed with odds at +600. While one would have to risk a lot to win a little on Mayweather, quite the opposite is true when discussing Ortiz and his position on the side of the betting line. At +600, just a $100 wager is needed to turn a profit of $600, thus illustrating just how big of an underdog Ortiz is compared to the assertive favorite that Mayweather is.

In addition to the overall odds to win the fight, oddsmakers have also set the Mayweather and Ortiz bout with an over/under round total. The line has been set at 11.5, meaning oddsmakers are asking whether or not the fight will go to a decision or not.

The betting line favors the fight to go a decision, though both options are on the same side of the betting line. The over 11.5, where the fight would basically go to a decision has been set at 130. On the other side of the line, the under 11.5 rounds comes in at -105.

The Mayweather and Ortiz fight gets underway on Saturday night, September 17 from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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