Chip Leader Martin Staszko Favored In WSOP Main Event

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Odds are now out on the 2011 World Series of Poker November Nine, as the final table has been solidified. The odds are not surprising, a bigger chip count generally equates to better odds of success.

Martin Staszko has been set to have the best odds. Staszko holds 40,175,000 chips at the end of the day, and this has put him with odds of 4/1 to win. In the last two years, since the incorporation of 30,000 starting stacks, the chip leader has one once – Jonathan Duhamel in 2010. Darvin Moon was beaten out in 2009, despite entering the final table as the chip leader.

Eoghan O’Dea is in second place, with 33,925,000 chips to his name. He holds odds of 9/2 for his stack. Having earned the second place chip stack, O’Dea is in a strong position to win if he absorbs just one or two of the smaller stacks. Eoghan is the son of Donnacha O’Dea, Irish poker player who owns one WSOP bracelet and has placed 6th in the Main Event.

Ben Lamb may not have the next highest chip stack, but he has been on fire ever since the beginning of the World Series of Poker. He has already taken a bracelet in this year’s WSOP, earned 2nd place in another tournament, then finished 8th and 12th in two other events. He has essentially sealed his position as the Player of the Year, and winning the Main Event will not only earn him more than $8 million, but also infinite glory. Lamb’s odds are set at 6/1 despite being in a middle of the road chip stack.

If Matt Giannetti wins the bracelet with his starting stack of 24,750,000, he will earn his first World Series of Poker bracelet in the most prestigious event one can do so. His supporters will also earn 6/1 for wagering on him through certain sportsbooks.

Phil Collins is sitting on a stack of 23,875,000, and this has given him odds of 13/2 in the main event. He may be a player who primarily joins online, but his style of play has clearly adapted to work in a live event.

Badih Bounahra holds 19,700,000 chips, which means he is slightly below the average chip stack. Badih is a live player with many cashes to his name, and he could ultimately earn his bracelet if he plays right and makes an early double up. His odds of 9/1 reflect his middle of the road chip stack.

The bottom three chip holders are also in fair positions to pay. Heinz, hailing from Germany, holds 16,425,000 chips and odds of 11/1. Right behind him is Anton Makiievskyi, who has 13,825,000 chips and 12/1 odds. Samuel Holden is on the bottom end of the chip counts, and his odds reflect them. His stack of 12,375,000 has given him odds of 16/1 in the final leg of the World Series of Poker Main Event betting odds.

Set to culminate in November, the final table will kick off on the 5th. It should take no more than two days for play to finish and we have a Main Event champion crowned until next year.

Bodog – Odds To Win The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event Bracelet

Martin Staszko (40,175,000) 4/1
Eoghan O’Dea (33,925,000) 9/2
Matt Giannetti (24,750,000) 13/2
Phil Collins (23,875,000) 13/2
Ben Lamb (20,875,000) 7/1
Badih Bounahra (19,700,000) 9/1
Pius Heinz (16,425,000) 11/1
Anton Makiievskyi (13,825,000) 12/1
Samuel Holden (12,375,000) 16/1

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