Betting Lines Set For Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero, Mayweather Favored Big

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Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert GuerreroYou can say a lot of things about Floyd Mayweather Jr., but one of the things you can’t deny is that when he fights, it’s big news, and big business. Mayweather will get back in the ring on Saturday May 4th against contender Robert Guerrero. No longer will Mayweather be under the HBO umbrella however, as he signed a six-fight deal with Showtime and CBS worth up to $250 million. That’s a pretty solid payday.

Mayweather, who is a perfect 43-0 in his career, has not even been up to his usual pre fight antics by selling the upcoming bout. Instead, he’s taking the approach that since he is in it, the fight doesn’t need to be sold to make good television. And while cocky, he is probably right. The fact of the matter is that Mayweather is a huge generator for the sport of boxing, perhaps the biggest in the history of the sport.

This isn’t exactly the Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight we all have been wanting, but Mayweather back in the ring for the first time since his victory over Miguel Cotto is certainly good news for boxing.

The 36-year-old undefeated fighter comes into the matchup as a huge favorite to win over Guerrero according to boxing betting odds formed at Bovada Sportsbook. Mayweather has been installed at -800 on the moneyline, or $8 wins $1. Compare that to the +500 (5 to 1) line that Guerrero has been set with, and you can definitely see how far apart these two fighters are.

And Mayweather knows a thing or two about betting, as he is an avid sports bettor when he is not in the ring.

Oddsmakers clearly see this fight being the 44th victory in the historic career of Mayweather, barring a massive upset.

Guerrero has just one loss in his career though, with an overall record of 31-1-1. His only loss came back in 2009. Since then, Guerrero is unbeaten in his previous 17 total fights. But despite this fact, the underdog is not being given much of a chance to hand Mayweather the first loss of his career.

For those bettors who are thinking about wagering on the upset, there payout at 5 to 1 is certainly appealing.

To pull off the upset, Guerrero will have to try and dictate the tempo of the fight, which is something that Mayweather has been great during his career. Mayweather gets his opponents to fight the way he wants them to, at the pace in which he sets. Guerrero shouldn’t concerned with trying to fight at the pace set by Mayweather, but rather go at once that he is comfortable with when he and his team figure out the plan of attack. Sticking to that plan will be very important. Otherwise, it will be yet another win for Mayweather. Check out odds comparison table below, matching three of the top sportsbooks around.

Mayweather vs. Guerrero
Floyda Mayweather -800 -800 -800
Robert Guerrero +500 +550 +550

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