America’s Got Talent Betting Odds


One of the most popular reality competition shows in the United States is America’s Got Talent, a branch of the got Talent series which began in Britain. But unlike some of the competition shows around today like American Idol and The Voice, America’s Got Talent does not limit their contestants only to singing. In fact, if it’s conceivably a talent in any shape or form, the judges will have a look at it and deem it worthy or unworthy of moving on in the initial stages of the competition. As a result of the vague nature of the show, America’s Got Talent treats it audience to a wide range of people with various talents.


America’s Got Talent Season 8 Updates

There are some changes that fans of America’s Got Talent can expect for Season 8, which will begin airing on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013. The show will premiere at 9pm ET, with NBC having the coverage, as they have since the first season.

For the live episodes though, the show stated that they will make the move to Radio City Music Hall, which will be the new home for Season 8 when they reach the semifinals and the finals. Those episodes will begin on Tuesday, July 23rd, and Wednesday, July 24th in a special two night premiere back-to-back.

There will be a couple of new faces in the judges chairs as well. Sharon Osbourne is no longer a judge. To replace her, NBC picked up former Spice Girl Melanie Brown (Mel B), and added a fourth judge in Heidi Klum.

Latest Odds To Win America’s Got Talent

  • Odds currently off until next season


Odds To Win America’s Got Talent

The odds to win America’s Got Talent is going to be your basic bet when looking at the show dwindle down the competition going through the process. It’s a simple and straightforward bet. Simply place a wager on the person or group that you believe will win. In a sense, it is a type of futures wager, because you are betting on a outcome that has not yet been determined. These betting odds to win America’s Got Talent will be available throughout the course of the competition, and will progress as the season goes deeper and deeper. As each week moves on, here at Latest Betting Odds we will have the updated betting odds as they change and become available.

Where To Bet on America’s Got Talent?

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