American Idol Season 12 Down To Top-Four Following Elimination Of Janelle Arthur

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American Idol Season 12The top four finalists of American Idol have been revealed following last night’s results show that featured the return of former Judge Paula Abdul and season 2 winner, Clay Aiken, who treated fans to a special performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison remain with Janelle Arthur the recent finalist to be eliminated.

Following her departure from the Fox competition series, Arthur shared her feelings about being voted off with Zap2It after the judges unanimously decided not to save the Tennessee singer. “I’m okay. I really am. I mean, I’m sad ’cause I wasn’t ready to go. I was already thinking about songs for next week and it would have been really good,” Arthur said.

Arthur also added that she knew the four judges were not going to use their save on her. “I thought they were going to use the save, just not on me. That’s why they didn’t — ’cause everybody thought they would, I guess. They gotta throw the curveball.”

Prior to the results the country singer fell into the bottom two alongside singer Kree Harrison, who was spared with Arthur listed in jeopardy. Arthur performed “You Keep Me Hanging On” in the hopes of being saved by the judges. Unfortunately, Randy Jackson announced following her performance that they would not save her. Host Ryan Seacrest then proceeded to show the audience clips and highlights of Janelle Arthur’s Idol run.

Next week Idol will return with the final four ladies hoping to win the title of season 12. The finalists are rumored to be performing “one hit wonders” in next week’s April 24th competition. The four will also be allowed to choose any song for their second performance for a wild card theme. What do you think Idol viewers? Who will be the next female to be eliminated next week in the competition?

If you go by betting odds to win American Idol Season 12, it looks like Holcomb will be the next contestant eliminated. Bovada Sportsbook has been on top of this season of American Idol, forming revised lines each week. This week for the top-four, Holcomb is all the way back at 15 to 1, which is well behind the other three. Glover is back as the top favorite at 3 to 2 after spending a week behind Harrison. Harrison sits a 7 to 4. Miller, who had been the favorite all year long until recent weeks, is set at 9 to 4. So you can see the it’s close at the top, with the outlier appearing to be Holcomb. has tracked the odds to win American Idol all season long. Check out the odds tracker below, and get in on the action at Bovada.

American Idol Season 12 Betting Odds Top-4 Top-5 Top-6 Top-7 Top-8 Top-9 Top-10 Top-20
Candice Glover 3/2 2/1 4/1 2/1 2/1 2/1 12/1 25/1
Kree Harrison 7/4 8/5 8/5 5/2 9/4 11/2 5/2 4/1
Angela Miller 9/4 9/4 3/2 8/5 9/4 9/4 2/1 7/2
Amber Holcomb 15/1 12/1 10/1 18/1 14/1 12/1 16/1 14/1
Janelle Arthur Eliminated 15/1 15/1 12/1 18/1 12/1 9/2 6/1
Lazaro Arbos Eliminated 15/1 33/1 18/1 14/1 14/1 15/1
Burnell Taylor Eliminated 50/1 20/1 25/1 12/1 14/1
Devin Velez Eliminated 33/1 33/1 15/1 15/1
Paul Jolley Eliminated 33/1 15/1 20/1
Curtis Finch Jr. Eliminated 20/1 25/1
Aubrey Cleland Eliminated 11/2
Breanna Steer Eliminated 20/1
Vincent Powell Eliminated 25/1
Adriano Latonio Eliminated 25/1
Nick Boddington Eliminated 30/1
Tenna Torres Eliminated 30/1
Cortez Shaw Eliminated 30/1
Elijah Liu Eliminated 30/1
Zoanette Johnson Eliminated 40/1
Charlie Askew Eliminated 40/1

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