American Idol Betting Odds

Ever since it’s debut in 2002, the American audience has absolutely fallen in love with the American Idol television series. With the big following the show has, it was only natural for oddsmakers to release American Idol betting odds. What’s that? You didn’t know you could bet on American Idol? Well, you can and we’re going to show you how. On this page, you will see the all the ways that online sportsbooks allow users to bet on American Idol. And, when they’re available (when the show is in season) we will display the latest odds to win American Idol right here. Stick with us and let us show you the ropes and then you can decide if and how you want to bet on the show.

American Idol Weekly Update – Season 13 Premieres Wednesday January 15th!

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Season 13 of American Idol is set to debut in a couple of days on Wednesday, January 15th. There will be new faces eyeing Hollywood while a couple new judges join the team. Keith Urban is back for his second season while Jennifer Lopez returns after a brief absence. Completely new to the scene is Harry Connick Jr.

The two-night premiere of American Idol will begin in Boston, Massachusetts on Wednesday, with Thursday’s episode in Austin, Texas.

Odds To Win American Idol

This is the most common way to bet on American Idol. Simply put, you wager on which singer you think is going to win the competition and if that singer wins… you win. Most of the time, people who wager on American Idol end up betting on their favorite singer or the singer they feel has the best chances to go all the way. In sports betting terms, these are called futures mainly because you are placing a wager on an event that will not be determined right away but rather in the future. Every sport has future odds and while American Idol is not a sport, there is still a wide field of competitors vying for the same prize which is truly all you need for future odds.Futures are available throughout much of the American Idol season however they are more prevalent  between the Top-25 stages and the season finale. If American Idol future odds are out, you are going to find them here. We will try to keep an updated screen shot with the latest betting odds however you can click the following link to see the latest American Idol betting odds from our leading online sportsbooks.

Head To Head American Idol Odds

This form of betting isn’t very common when it comes to American Idol however it does exist… we’ve bet on them before with our own money. These work by pitting two singers again each other to see which one will last the longest. If one of the singers gets eliminated for whatever reason, the wagers made on the other singer are graded as wins. These are really fun especially if you have a friend/spouse/significant other that likes to watch the show with you but likes someone other than your favorite singer.

Want to shut them up and prove you know your stuff when it comes to American Idol? Then, take advantage of the American Idol head to head betting odds and make some money while proving your point.As we mentioned previously, these American Idol odds aren’t commonly found at most sports betting sites. The ones that do carry the odds do not have them up all of the time. You have to really be on your game in order to find them in a timely manner. We hope to be the resource you turn to for these odds as we are constantly dealing with online sportsbooks about many topics including American Idol. If available, you will see the head-to-head odds listed below.

Where To Bet On American Idol?

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