Alabama Primary Betting Odds & Mississippi Primary Betting Odds A Tight Race

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We are already in March, with Super Tuesday a week in the past, and still we have no clear winner in the race for the republican nomination for the 2012 Presidential Election.

Now, all signs point to an eventual win and ultimate nomination of Mitt Romney. But Rick Santorum has put up quite a fight, and got some critical victories last Tuesday in several states.

And on Tuesday of this week, two of the battle-ground states the Republican nominees will be trying to take are Mississippi and Alabama.

But neither Romney nor Santorum are favored to win Alabama.

Perhaps fitting, gauging how the races have gone thus far.

It’s Newt Gingrich, who seemed to be left for dead over the last couple of weeks, who is in fact favored to capture Alabama in the voting this week on the Latest Political Betting Odds available at Bovada Sportsbook.

Gingrich is going off as a +125 favorite to win Alabama, which is just slightly ahead of Romney, who sits at +150. Santorum is a little ways back at +250, and Ron Paul is the long-shot here at +5000.

And in Mississippi, Gingrich is also predicted to do well also.

It’s Romney who edges Gingrich to win the state though. The Republican favorite is going off at -110 to win the state. Though Gingrich is predicted to put up a fight, going off at +110, just on the other side of the line. Santorum is well back at +700, with Paul set with identical +5000 odds, the same as in Alabama.

Of the two, Alabama is worth slightly more in terms of the delegate points, with 50 awarded to the winner. The winner of Mississippi will receive 40 delegate points.

Remember, the magic number is 1,144 to lock up the nomination.

Following these primaries on Tuesday, the next will not be until Saturday, Mar. 17, when Missouri will take to the poll with 52 delegate points at stake.

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