Canada Favored Over Great Britain In Men’s Curling Gold Medal Match

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Olympic CurlingThe men’s gold medal match for curling at the 2014 Sochi Olympics features a team that was expected to be there, and a team that is a bit of a surprise. Canada has dominated the sport of curling for years, and an appearance in the gold medal match on Friday is no surprise. Their opponent in Great Britain is though, given their record in the preliminary round. Nevertheless, the two will battle it out with one taking home the gold and the other silver.

Despite it’s reputation, curling at the Sochi Olympics has actually been one of the most-popular events. Canada finished with a 7-2 record in the round robin action, which was second behind Sweden at 8-1. Great Britain finished 5-4 which was good enough for fifth place out of the 10 competing teams.

Many had pegged Sweden to face Canada in the gold medal match but, but Great Britain sprung the upset in the semifinals. Sweden will compete for the bronze medal on Friday.

The Canadian team is comprised of Skip Brad Jacobs, Third Ryan Fry, Second E.J. Harnden, Lead Ryan Harnden, and Alternate Caleb Flaxey.

The Great Britain team is made up Skip David Murdoch, Third Greg Drummond, Second Scott Andrews, Lead Michael Goodfellow, and Alternate Tom Brewster.

Bovada Sportsbook has established the mens curling gold medal betting lines and named Canada as the favorite. This is expected, with Canada an assertive favorite to win gold. The payout on Canada is set at -300 ($3 wins $1). For those interested in betting on the underdog, Great Britain is set at +220 ($1 wins $2.20).

In addition to the money line (straight up payout to win), there is a spread that has been installed by Bovada as well. That number is set at 1.5 in favor of Canada. If Canada wins by two or more then the spread would be covered. If they win by one or lose then they would not cover. The payouts are considerably less, but Canada still has the edge. A wager here is paying out -150 on Canada and +115 on Great Britain. Both of those payouts are exactly half of what a wager would be on the moneyline.

Canada won the matchup in the round robin with Great Britain, but it was close. The final was 7-5. The two losses by Canada came at the hands of Sweden and Switzerland in back-to-back matches following a 7-0 start. Great Britain rebounded from a 3-4 start to win the final two and advance to the playoffs.

The payouts from Bovada can be found below, as has displayed the live lines as they are available. If they are still displayed, it means they can be wagered.

2014 Sochi Olympics Available Curling Odds

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