California Chrome Preakness Odds + 2014 Preakness Betting Preview

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California ChromeAnytime the favorite wins the Kentucky Derby, the two Triple Crown races following have to get excited. The interest created by the favorite winning the Run for the Roses increases tenfold, and that is exactly what we can expect this Saturday, May 17th at the 139th running of the Preakness.

California Chrome entered the Kentucky Derby as the odds-on favorite according to every sportsbook across the world. He proved why, cruising to a victory, and setting up a potential run to become the first thoroughbred since 1978 to win the Triple Crown. A feat that was once accomplished every few years, the recent drought which has lasted nearly four decades has created an aura around the accomplishment.

But now we insert California Chrome, the first California thoroughbred to win the Kentucky Derby in more than 60 years.

The post positions for the 2014 Preakness were drawn on Wednesday, with California Chrome getting the No.3 position. This is a solid start position, near the middle of the field that only had 10 horses. That is half the size of the field of the Kentucky Derby, which means far less traffic from the onset and a much smoother run.

The betting odds to win the 2014 Preakness are out, and as expected California Chrome is a huge favorite to win. Not only that, California Chrome has also been installed with a payout to win the Triple Crown, which has gone from 9 to 1 down to 2 to 1. To win the Preakness, the payout is less than even money at Bovada Sportsbook. The line is set at 3 to 5, ($5 wins $3), but the potential for that to change depending on how the money is wagered over the next few days leading up to post time is there. For the time being, a wager on California Chrome is considered a futures wager until Saturday, when it switches over to race day.

The payouts on the other horses in the race are not as high as seen at the Derby based purely on numbers. With a 1 in 10 chance to win, the highest payotus fetch 30-1 midweek. This of course has the chance to change. Currently, Social Inclusion is the thoroughbred believed to be the biggest contender to California Chrome. The field is smaller, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality.

California Chrome will probably be the most bet-on horse at the Preakness, whether it’s to win, place, or show.

Up until Saturday, Bovada will have betting lines for futures and props. below has these on display. These betting lines are live and available to wager. With California Chrome winning the Kentucky Derby, the money pouring in on betting lines for the Preakness is expected to be very high.

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