2014 Academy Awards Betting Odds; Payouts For Top Categories Formed

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2014 OscarsEllen DeGeneres will host the 86th annual Academy Awards this Sunday, March 2 from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. DeGeneres is actually not a first-timer when it comes to hosting duties at the Oscars. She was the host for the 2007 event, as this will be her second time. The event was pushed back to a later date due to the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, which does conflict with the Oscars every four years. But it is only a small adjustment, and things are on schedule and ready to get going on Sunday.

The nominees for the 2014 Oscars were released back in the middle of January, so those up for the awards on Sunday will have had over a month to dwell on whether or not they will come away with the big win.

Also around the time that the nominations were announced, Bovada Sportsbook went right to work to form 2014 Academy Awards betting lines. At first, the odds covered just a couple of the biggest categories on the night. As the weeks have gone by though, Bovada has betting lines for more than a dozen categories + 2014 Oscars specials.

Obviously the big award highlight the night and the betting odds such as the Best picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Director.

There are several movies that have lifted themselves above the rest of the nominees, but it has also made for a nice spread among the category favorites. There is no one movie favored to sweep the major categories. In fact, all four of the major categories have favorites from different pictures.

At the top of the Best Picture category, 12 Years A Slave is a runaway favorite. This film is installed at 1/5 to grab the award. To put that into perspective, a $5 bet is needed to profit $1. The closest contender according to Bovada is Gravity. Still, at 4/1, there is quite a disparity on the payouts between the two. In total, there are nine nominees in this category, all the way down to a payout of 200/1.

While Gravity is behind 12 Years A Slave on the Best picture betting line, the director for Gravity is a huge favorite to win. Alfonso Cuaron created an astounding and visually spectacular film in Gravity. his achievements are not overlooked, and as 1/20, Cuaron is one of the biggest favorites of the night.

For Best Actor, Golden Globe winner Matthew McConaughey soared to the top of the contenders with his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey is a solid favorite at 1/5 to win the award, ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street.

The Best Actress category is not a close contest judging by the odds. Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine is a 1/30 favorite to win. Amy Adams is next on the list for American hustle at 12/1.

For a complete look at the 2014 Oscars betting odds, LatestBettingOdds.com has the list from Bovada below  with live lines available to bet. The odds will be up until the start of the live show on Sunday.

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