Prop Odds Formed For The 2014 Kentucky Derby

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2014 Kentucky DerbyThe betting lines are out in full force for the running of the 140th Kentucky Derby, this Saturday May 3. There has been a clear favorite established, with California Chrome leading the way. But the odds to win the ‘Run for the Roses’ is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Bovada Sportsbook has released a number of prop betting lines for the upcoming race, as well as payouts for a Triple Crown winner.

All of the contenders in the 2014 Kentucky Derby has the chance to win the Triple Crown. The payouts for each have been established, and some of the lines might not be as far-fetched or as high as you might think. Take for instance California Chrome. To win all three of the Triple Crown races and become the first since 1978 to do so, a wager is going off at only 9/1. This is a testament to what oddsmakers think of this thoroughbred. He is the big favorite to win the Derby, and should he do that then his odds to win the Triple Crown would like be cut in half.

Behind California Chrome though, the odds are about what you would expect. The average payout sits somewhere between 50/1 and 150/1.

The payout for there to be no Triple Crown winner in 2014?


The 2014 Kentucky Derby Prop odds continue from there. For those who have followed betting odds for the Triple Crown races, it should be familiar. There are a range of topics covered, from the winning time, margin of victory, saddlecloth number, name of the winner, + more.

Outside of the odds to win the Triple Crown, Bovada has split up a few different options. Such bets include a wager on the winner of the Kentucky Derby going on to win the Preakness. Another includes the winner of the Kentucky Derby going on the win the Belmont. That doesn’t mean that the winner would have to win the Preakness in order to win that wager.

There is another wager on the Kentucky Derby winner capturing exactly two of the Triple Crown titles.

With each passing year, the notion of a Triple Crown winner becomes more and more far fetched. All of a sudden 1978 seems like a lifetime ago, and many are wondering if another Triple Crown winner will ever occur.

One thing’s for certain, and that is the winner of the the race on Saturday will be the only one that can do it. The Triple Crown races hope that the same horse wins the first two races, which drastically increases attention to the Belmont. Whether or not that will be California Chrome or another Kentucky Derby contender remains to be seen.

The complete set of 2014 Kentucky Derby proposition wagers can be found below. has the Bovada payouts as they come. These lines will be up until post time on Saturday. Oddsmakers will likely release more odds on Friday and Saturday before the races. As soon as new odds are released, they will be displayed below with the ability or those interested to place a wager right here!

2014 Kentucky Derby Props

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