Odds To Win 2014 Australian Open Men’s + Women’s Draws

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Bet on the Australian Open at Bovada!The first Grand Slam of the new season in tennis is underway down under. The 2014 Australian Open got going earlier this week as players are completing their first round matches. As the first Major of the year, the Australian Open holds a very special spot on the schedule. Players are looking to come out and make a statement. As has been the case for several years now, the names at the top of the favorites to win should be quite familiar, both in the men’s + women’s draw.

Beginning with the men, it’s Rafael Nadal who is the top-seed in the bracket. But the No.1 seed is not always the favorite. That happens to be true here, because it’s Novak Djokovic that leads the way on the betting lines to win the 2014 Australian Open at Bovada Sportsbook.

Djokovic the the No.2 seed in the draw, but better than an even-money favorite to win his fourth-straight Australian Open. The last time another player won the first Grand Slam of the season was in 2010. At 8/11 on the betting line ($11 wins $8) Djokovic is well in front of the rest of the field, including Nadal.

It’s been five years since Nadal won the Australian Open. But he is considered to be the next-best choice apart from Djokovic. The 10/3 payout that bettors would receive should Nadal go on and win is more than a 3 to 1 profit margin. This shows the disparity between Djokovic and even the No.1 seed in the tournament.

Apart of the top-two seeds, the betting line jumps up more than three times. Top-three favorite Juan Martin Del Potro is going off at 11/1. Clearly Bovada is favoring a win by Djokovic or Nadal. A wager on any other player in the field would receive a large margin of profit.

The other player to watch at the very least is Andy Murray. The 2013 Wimbledon champion has reached the semifinals here three times since 2010. However, he doesn’t come in playing his best tennis + there is a back injury he’s dealing with.

On the women’s side of the draw, it’s Serena Williams who is the No.1 seed. Like the men though, it’s the No.2 seed who is the defending Australian Open champion. That would be Victoria Azarenka. It’s Williams that occupies the No.1 ranking in the world, and she has two of the four Grand Slam titles in her possession coming into the new season.

Williams is paying out an identical amount to Djokovic for the men. At 8/11, a wager is slightly under even money. But the separation between Williams and the rest of the women’s draw is more significant, even when it comes to the defending champion.

Azarenka is slated at 5/1 behind Williams, and ahead of Li Na whom she defeated in the 2013 final. Azarenka has two Australian Open titles and at just 24 years old is one of the best players in the world on a hard court surface.

It appears that both Williams and Azarenka are on a collision course towards the final just like Nadal and Djokovic are for the men. That would be a dream scenario for the Australian Open.

Throughout the tournament as the rounds progress, Bovada Sportsbook will revise the payouts accordingly. Below, LatestBettingOdds.com has updated betting lines that will change automatically following results. Be sure to get in on the action early enough to secure a solid payout. Outside of the overall odds to win the Australian Open, Bovada features individual match betting lines + props for the entire schedule for the day.

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