2013 World Series Betting Odds Formed As Playoffs Get Underway

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Boston Red SoxThe 2013 MLB playoffs are underway, with the first wildcard elimination last night as the Pittsburgh Pirates knocked out the Cincinnati Reds in the single-game eliminator. The Pirates move on to the NLDS where they will face the St. Louis Cardinals.

This is the first time that Pittsburgh has made the postseason since 1992, and so far have made it count. But oddsmakers don’t see the Pirates going much further.

The release of 2013 World Series betting odds at Bovada Sportsbook have set a couple teams at the top of the list who are opposite sides of the country.

Leading the way are the Boston Red Sox, who finished with the best record in baseball this year. The Red Sox were certainly a surprise to do that, as they were picked third in the division at the start of the season. At 4/1, Boston is on top of World Series betting lines.

We get to the National League next, with the Los Angeles Dodgers set at 17/4. After a slow start to the season, no team in baseball has a better record than the Dodgers over the course of the last four months.

Los Angeles will open their NLDS with the Atlanta Braves. The Braves won the NL East Division by the widest margin in baseball this season. With that being said though, Atlanta is in the middle of the pack at 7/1 to win it all. There isn’t much separation between the Red Sox and the majority of the postseason field though. The Braves are fifth on the betting line, but are not far behind Boston.

The Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals are just in front of Atlanta, installed at 5/1 and 11/2 respectively. The AL West champion Oakland Athletics are set at 15/2.

Then we get to the wildcard teams, for which there are three. Though the Tampa Bay Ray and the Cleveland Indians will play in the single game elimination matchup on Wednesday night.

The Pirates are out in front of both the AL wildcard teams, going off at 9/1. Both Tampa Bay and Cleveland has been slated at 14/1, but the journey will obviously come to a conclusion for one of them after just one game.

Whether you like or don’t like the one-game playoff, the inclusion of more playoff teams is good for baseball, giving more teams the chance to compete for a World Series title.

October is in the air, and with that so too are the MLB playoffs. This one appears to be pretty wide open, with many teams in the mix.

LatestBettingOdds.com will continue to cover the odds to win the World Series throughout the progession of each postseason round, leading to the league championships and then finally on to the fall classic.

2013 World Series Odds – Found At Bovada Sportsbook 10/2/2013

  • Boston Red Sox 4/1
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 17/4
  • Detroit Tigers 5/1
  • St. Louis Cardinals 11/2
  • Atlanta Braves 7/1
  • Oakland Athletics 15/2
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 9/1
  • Cleveland Indians 14/1
  • Tampa Bay Rays 14/1

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