Updated 2013 Stanley Cup Odds Favor Pens / Hawks Final, Conn Smythe Odds Dead Between Malkin & Crawford

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Bet On The 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs At BovadaEight teams remain alive after a very exciting opening round in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Perhaps there is no other team more surprised to be in this position and still in the chase for the championship than the Boston Bruins, who were down by three goals at home with under 10 minutes to go in Game 7 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Bruins made a historic comeback to tie the game, and then eventually win in overtime. Are they the team on the journey towards hoisting the Stanley Cup? Only time will tell.

Second round series are scheduled to get underway on Tuesday night, with a pair of matchups taking place. The final two conference semifinals will get going over the course of the next two days.

Eastern Conf.: Odds To Win

Pittsburgh Penguins – 10/11 (-110)

Boston Bruins – 13/4 (+325)

New York Rangers – 4/1 (+400)

Ottawa Senators – 13/2 (+650)

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Betting odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup have been formed since the beginning of the postseason, and have been adjusted following the elimination of eight teams through round one. Bettors looking to get in on the action and wager on the Stanley Cup Playoffs will have several ways in which they can do so. These include betting on the eventual champion, betting on the conference champions, and even betting on the playoffs’ Most Valuable Player and winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Starting at the top, the two favorites from each conference in the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins, remain in front of the 2013 Stanley Cup betting lines found at Bovada Sportsbook. Both the Blackhawks and Penguins have been set at 5 to 2 to capture the title.

The conference favorites are well in front of the rest of the teams still in the hunt. The defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings are third overall, going off at 7 to 1. The Kings made that great run last season as the No.8 seed in the West. They are giving it all they can for a shot at repeating, winning their opening round series.

Western Conf.: Odds To Win

Chicago Blackhawks – 10/11 (-110)

Los Angeles Kings – 13/4 (+325)

San Jose Sharks – 7/2 (+350)

Detroit Red Wings – 13/2 (+650)

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Los Angeles is followed closely by the San Jose Sharks (15/2), Boston Bruins (8/1), and the New York Rangers (8/1).

It’s also clear that oddsmakers are not favoring the Detroit Red Wings nor the Ottawa Senators to win the Stanley Cup. Of course, both of these teams happen to be playing the favorites in Pittsburgh and Chicago in the conference semifinals.

The similarities on the betting odds between Chicago and Pittsburgh hold true even into the conference betting lines. Both are set at better than even money, going off at 10 to 11 to win their conference and reach the Stanley Cup finals.

The payouts are obviously less to win the conference than to win the Stanley Cup. In the East behind Pittsburgh, you have Boston as the next-closest to the Penguins, set at 13 to 4, with New York right there also at 4 to 1. Ottawa rounds things out at 13 to 2.

Conn Smythe Odds: Top-7

Corey Crawford – 17/2 (+850)

Evgeni Malkin – 17/2 (+850)

Sidney Crosby – 9/1 (+900)

Henrik Lundqvist – 14/1 (+1400)

Marian Hossa – 16/1 (+1500)

Patrick Sharp – 16/1 (+1500)

Jonathan Quick – 16/1 (+1600)

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In the West behind Chicago are the Kings at 13 to 4. San Jose is going off at 7 to 2, while Detroit is at the back of the bus at 13 to 2.

The team that ultimately goes on to win the 2013 Stanley Cup will do so because of the stellar performances of its players. And the best of the best will be rewarded with the Conn Smythe Trophy as the MVP of the postseason. As you can imagine, right now at the top of this list are players from the two No.1 seeds. Chicago’s Corey Crawford is on top alongside Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin. Crawford has allowed just seven goals in five games for the Blackhawks, and has been great in goal for Chicago all season. Malkin has two goals for the Penguins in the playoffs, but has recorded nine total assists. He led the NHL in assists this season and continues to perform in the playoffs.

Sidney Crosby is third on the list, and is the one that oddsmakers consider the next threat, with the wave of betting lines behind his quite a bit separated.

LatestBettingOdds.com will continue to track the odds to win the 2013 Stanley Cup. Below you will find lines for each of the remaining teams and their corresponding odds to win the championship.

2013 Stanley Cup Championship Betting Odds – Found at Bovada Sportsbook 5/14/2013

2013 Stanley Cup Odds – 5/14
Pittsburgh Penguins 5/2 (+250) 47/20 (+235) 9/4 (+225)
Chicago Blackhawks 5/2 (+250) 47/20 (+235) 12/5 (+240)
Los Angeles Kings 7/1 (+700) 7/1 (+700) 8/1 (+800)
San Jose Sharks 15/2 (+750) 15/2 (+750) 7/1 (+700)
Boston Bruins 8/1 (+800) 8/1 (+800) 15/2 (+750)
New York Rangers 8/1 (+800) 8/1 (+800) 8/1 (+800)
Ottawa Senators 15/1 (+1500) 16/1 (+1600) 13/1 (+1300)
Detroit Red Wings 15/1 (+1500) 16/1 (+1600) 15/1 (+1500)

2013 Stanley Cup Playoff Betting Lines

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