2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs Open Tonight, Betting Odds To Win Championship Favor Pittsburgh Penguins

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2013 Stanley Cup PlayoffsThe 2013 NHL season began with a strike, and question of whether or not a season would even be had was up in the air. After months of deliberation, it was determined that the lockout would end and the season would get underway. But it was a shortened season, with teams playing just 48 games, as compared to the typical full slate of 82. But the regular season is now over, with the start of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs getting underway tonight.

The Chicago Blackhawks ended with the best regular season in the NHL this year, winning 36 times, and tabbing just seven regulation losses. The Pittsburgh Penguins equaled that mark of 36 wins, but did have 12 regulation losses.

Both the Blackhawks and the Penguins are the No.1 seeds in their respective conferences, and it should be no surprise that when it comes to the list of favorites to win the 2013 Stanley Cup, both of these teams are at the top.

It’s not Chicago out in front though, despite the superior record to Pittsburgh during the season. It’s the Penguins who are atop 2013 Stanley Cup betting lines at Bovada Sportsbook. Pittsburgh has been set at 13 to 4 to win the championship, with Chicago right behind at 15 to 4.

Bovada has made it clear that these two teams are the heavy favorites to win, and and the favorites to meet in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Immediately following the Penguins and Blackhawks on the odds are the Boston Bruins. But the Bruins are back at 9 to 1 on the payout, which is more than twice the odds of the Blackhawks. So while Boston might be the third overall favorite to win the 2013 Stanley Cup, they aren’t really in the same ballpark as far as the betting odds are concerned.

But remember, we saw a No.8 seed in the Los Angeles kings win it all last season, so stranger things have happened before.

Speaking of the Kings, they are not an eight seed this time around, and are actually in the top-half of the betting favorites to win, slated at 14 to 1 to repeat their championship run.

In fact, once we get past Pittsburgh and Chicago, the odds are quite tightly packed from Boston the rest of the way.

The majority of teams sit between a 11 to 1, and a 22 to 1 payout, with nine teams falling in that category.

The 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs open on Tuesday night, April 30th with three series openers. This includes the No.1 seed in the West Chicago, taking on Minnesota. The defending Stanley Cup champion Kings will face St. Louis, and Detroit will take on Anaheim. The rest of the playoff series will get going on Wednesday and Thursday.

Below, LatestBettingOdds.com has the full field odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2013 from three top sportsbooks, so check out how your favorite team stacks up with the rest of the field.

2013 Stanley Cup Championship Odds
Pittsburgh Penguins 13/4 (+325) 13/4 (+325) 67/20 (+335)
Chicago Blackhawks 15/4 (+375) 9/2 (+450) 47/10 (+470)
Boston Bruins 9/1 (+900) 17/2 (+850) 17/2 (+850)
Montreal Canadiens 11/1 (+1100) 11/1 (+1100) 41/4 (+1025)
Anaheim Ducks 12/1 (+1200) 13/1 (+1300) 13/1 (+1300)
Los Angeles Kings 14/1 (+1200) 14/1 (+1400) 14/1 (+1400)
St. Louis Blues 14/1 (+1400) 17/1 (+1700) 17/1 (+1700)
Vancouver Canucks 14/1 (+1400) 25/2 (+1250) 47/4 (+1175)
San Jose Sharks 16/1 (+1600) 18/1 (+1800) 18/1 (+1800)
New York Rangers 18/1 (+1800) 20/1 (+2000) 22/1 (+2200)
Washington Capitals 18/1 (+1800) 17/1 (+1700) 14/1 (+1400)
Toronto Maple Leafs 22/1 (+2200) 25/1 (+2500) 24/1 (+2400)
Detroit Red Wings 28/1 (+2200) 30/1 (+3000) 28/1 (+2800)
Minnesota Wild 28/1 (+2800) 35/1 (+3500) 34/1 (+3400)
Ottawa Senators 28/1 (+2800) 30/1 (+3000) 29/1 (+2900)
New York Islanders 40/1 (+4000) 40/1 (+4000) 41/1 (+4100)

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