Boston Bruins vs. Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Finals Series Preview + Betting Guide

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Bet On The 2013 Stanley Cup Finals At BovadaThe Boston Bruins and the Chicago Blackhawks were not without some hardships in their journey to the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals The two are on a collision course to play for it all, when they begin their championship best-of-seven series on Wednesday night.

Of course, neither of these hardships we mentioned came in the Conference Finals. Boston swept the No.1 seed Pittsburgh Penguins right out of the postseason, while Chicago knocked out the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings in five.

But the Bruins were pushed to the brink of elimination in seven games in the first round of the playoffs against the Toronto Maple Leafs and advanced into the second round with an overtime victory. So there was a real chance that Boston would not even make it out of the first round, let alone make it all the way to the Finals.

And anyone who follows the Blackhawks knows that they faced elimination in five games against the Detroit Red Wings, before coming back with three-straight wins to claim the second round series.

But that’s how the Stanley Cup playoffs go. Along the way, there are some tough series that are won, and games that teams have no business being in, somehow flipping.

Which leaves us with Boston and Chicago, two teams from cities where hockey runs deep, and the passion behind them from fans is evident.

So which team is going to claim Lord Stanley’s Cup?

2013 Stanley Cup Finals Series Betting Odds

Oddsmakers at Bovada Sportsbook are asking that very same question, installing a Stanley Cup Finals series price. This is a betting line on the outcome of the series overall, and not the individual game betting odds.

  • Boston Bruins +120
  • Chicago Blackhawks -140

The Blackhawks are getting the edge over the Bruins to win the 2013 Stanley Cup, though the betting line is certainly close. A wager on Chicago is paying out at -140 on the moneyline. This means that a $1.40 wager would profit $1. For those looking at betting on Boston, this is paying out on the other side of the line at +120. Here, a $1 wager would profit $1.20.

2013 Stanley Cup Finals Game Lines

Outside of series price betting odds where the winner of this best-of-seven is wagered on, there will be game lines formed for every matchup, whether the Finals goes four games or seven.

Game odds for the Stanley Cup Finals will consist of a goal-line, moneyline, and the over/under goal total in the matchup.

The goal-line is essentially the spread that is installed for each matchup, though it is set at a constant 1.5. Typically, the home team is set as the team that has to cover with a win by two goals or more. The payouts on the goal line can shift as dramatically as a moneyline, which is definitely a facet to this wager that makes things interesting.

For example in Game 1, Chicago is set as the favorite. For the goal line though, a wager on the Blackhawks to cover the 1.5 margin is set at more than 2/1, going off at +205. On the flip side to that, a wager on Boston is set at -245, which means every $2.45 would profit $1. This means that Boston is the big favorite to cover s the underdog.

The moneyline in Game 1 is considerably closer between the payouts. This is because no cover is involved, it’s the straight up win. A bet on Chicago is set at -150 on the payout, while a wager on the Bruins is going off at +130.

The over/under goal total sits at an even five. The bet here is made on the actual goal total going over or under the line set down.

Bettors can expect game odds to be formed following the conclusion of every contest before it, up until the series is concluded. will have updated game odds for every matchup in the series below on this page, so be sure to keep checking back as we get deeper into the series.

2013 Stanley Cup Finals Odds

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