Betting Odds To Win The 2013 Home Run Derby Set Baltimore’s Chris Davis As Favorite

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2013 Home Run DerbyThere is something still magical about the home run in baseball. For the four to five seconds of flight time or so that we watch the ball sail off of the bat it’s an excitement that is quite unique in that respect.

Another thing that is quite unique to baseball is the annual Home Run Derby, where the best home run hitters in the sport for that season are brought together to compete for the title of the best long ball hitter in the game.

Eight of the best home run hitters midway through the 2013 MLB season will be on display tonight from Citi Field in Queens, New York, home of the Mets. Citi Field is one of the newest MLB stadiums, opening up in 2009. It’s not know as a hitter’s park either, and it quite difficult to get a baseball out of the yard.

The organization decided to shift the field a bit in the 2012 season to try and make it more of a hitter-friendly stadium. It seemed to work as well increasing home runs from 108 in 2011, to 155 in the 2012 MLB season.

The Home Run Derby will continue it’s theme with four particpants from the National League and four from the American League.

Betting odds to win the 2013 Home Run Derby have been formed by Bovada Sportsbook for tonight’s competition. All eight batters in the lineup have been installed with payouts.

It’s Baltimore’s Chris Davis who is atop the list of favorites. Davis leade Major League Baseball in home runs this season with 37. He tied Reggie Jackson for the second-most home runs all-time prior to the All Star break. Albeit when Jackson did it he did so in two less games. Davis is set with odds at 11/4 to win the Derby.

Just behind the Orioles slugger is Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers. Fielder is a past champion of the Home Run Derby, winning back in 2009. Fielder has 16 home runs in 2013, but he is always a threat to win an event like this with the swings he is capable of making

Bryce Harper of the Nationals, Pedro Alvarez of the Pirates, and Yoenis Cespedes of the A’s follow next, both at 11/2 on the betting line. Harper has missed significant time this season, not playing in the month of June. But he still has 13 home runs, including a home run in his first at bat after returning from the injury.

As for Alvarez, he has 24 home runs on the season, but was not originally in the lineup. He replaces Rockies star Carlos Gonzalez who had to back out from an injury he suffered last week. Alvarez is a big hitter, but is only batting .253 on the season. He swings for the fences, and when he connects, it’s gone.

Cespedes has 15 home runs in 2013, and just 38 for his career. He is the only Home Run participant not in the All Star game, but that is no long a rule requirements. American League captain Robinson Cano invited him after Miguel Cabrera declined.

The final three on the odds to win the Home Run Derby are Cano at 61/, David Wright at 9/1, and Michael Cuddyer back at 12/1.

Coverage of the 2013 Home Run Derby can be see at 8pm ET on ESPN tonight, July 15th. has the complete list below, plus a variety of props!

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