2012 Olympics Basketball Medal Prop Odds

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The United States Men’s basketball team will play Argentina in the semifinals for the right to advance to the gold medal match up. Team USA is the heavy favorite to win their semifinal, but is also the big favorite overall to win the gold.

But outside of the betting odds for the semifinals, oddsmakers have formed a number of other betting lines for the final days of the tournament.

Medal odds, an exact match up line, and more have been formed at Bovada Sportsbook. So let’s take look at a few of them.

Exact Gold Medal game match up odds have been set down, with the United States and Spain leading the way. These were the top-two favorites coming into the 2012 Olympics to win the gold medal, though there was some significant separation between the United States and the rest of the field. a Team USA vs Spain match up in the gold medal game has been set at 2/5 on the betting line.

But if Russia springs the upset over Spain, a Russia vs Team USA final is going off at 31/20. Anything else and the odds skyrocket. Argentina vs Spain is set at 30/1, while Russia and Argentina is set at 50/1. So obviously anything other than the United States being in the gold medal game would produce a shocking result.

Medal odds are taken a step further here on these odds as well. Each of the remaining four teams are set with specific lines for each specific medal.

For example, the odds for the United States to win gold is set at 1/33. The odds for a silver medal is 11/1, a bronze is 201, and no medal is going off at 250/1.

Spain has the best odds of the other teams outside of Team USA to win the gold, going off at 16/1. But they are set at 20/33 to win the silver, meaning oddsmakers heavily favor Spain to win their semifinal and then lose to the United States in the gold medal game.

Check out the betting odds for the two semifinal match ups below as seen on Bovada.

Team USA and Argentina match up at 5:15pm ET on Friday, with coverage on the NBC Sports Network.

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