Usain Bolt 2012 London Olympics Prop Odds

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When it comes to the Olympics, there are definitely some marquee events circled on the calendar for most of us. And one of those we can all but guarantee is the men’s 100m dash, for the title of the fastest man in the world.

And over the last several years, dating back to the Beijing games, there has been one man who has been above the rest.

Usain Bolt.

Bolt captured gold at the 2008 Olympics, and since then seems to only be getting faster. Just a year after the 2008 Olympics, Bolt set new world records in both the 100m and 200m events.

Coming into the 2012 London Olympics, Bolt has been pegged as the man to beat when it comes to both. But he will not be without some serious competition, with most believing it will come from his own Jamaican teammate in Yohan Blake.

Bolt is the favorite to win the 100m and 200m races on London Olympics betting odds available at Bovada Sportsbook, but in addition to those lines oddsmakers have also set down some head-to-head match up prop lines putting the two together.

It’s Bolt who leads the way here as well, set at -175 on the betting line to finish better than Blake in the 100m event. Blake comes in on the other side of the betting line, installed at +135 on the payout for the 100m. But there is also the 200m event, for which Bolt is a slightly larger favorite, going off at -185 on the betting line. Blake remains with the same betting line at +135.

Bovada is also fielding a wager on whether or not Bolt will win gold in both the 100m and 200m. To some surprise, No is actually a -175 favorite, while Yes is going off at +110. Despite Bolt being favored in both of the races, it appears oddsmakers are siding with the unknown variables when it comes to two gold medals.

Check out all of the betting odds and more below as they appear on Bovada. The London Olympics Opening Ceremony kicks off on Friday at 4pm ET on NBC.

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