United States Women’s Soccer Betting Odds vs North Korea

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The Women’s United States soccer team definitely got out to a better start in their second game in the London Olympics than in the first. After a horrible start in which they got down 2-0 in the opener, the United States bounced back with a 4-2 win over France. But in the second game, against Colombia, the United States were in control throughout.

The result was a convincing 3-0 victory, though two of those goals did not come until the later portion of the second half, when the U.S proved to be too strong and too athletic for the Colombian team. But for the majority of the game, it was a 1-0 lead that the United States preserved. The U.S definitely missed on some chances, but all things considered, it was an impressive performance.

So the United States move to 2-0 in the 2012 London Olympics, as they look for a third-straight gold medal.

Next up on the schedule is North Korea, for which the United States have been set as heavy favorites.

2012 Olympics Women’s soccer betting odds available at Bovada Sportsbook have set the United States as -500 favorites to win on the moneyline. That means for every $5 wagered on the United States to win the game, a $1 profit is returned. On the other side of the line in the role of the underdog, North Korea comes in a +900. Here, a $1 wager profits $9. So we can definitely see the disparity between the two profit margins, and just how big of a favorite that the United States are to move to 3-0 in preliminary play these 2012 Olympics.

A betting line for a draw has also been formed, going off at +500.

There has also been a spread installed for this game, with the United States set as a 1.5-goal favorite. To cover, they will need to win by at least two goals, which they are actually favored to do. This payout is much closer to even on the betting line though with the handicap, paying out at -160 on the amount wagered. North Korea comes in just on the other side of the betting line, going off at +115.

The over/under goal total has been set at three goals.

The United States and North Korea will play at 12:15 pm ET on Tuesday, 5:15pm local time in London.

Check out the betting odds for this game and more below as seen on Bovada.

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