Team USA Men’s Basketball Player Prop Odds And Historical Match Ups

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There has been no shortage of talk surrounding the 2012 United States men’s basketball team, and the 1992 Dream Team. It started when Kobe Bryant said that he thought the 2012 team could beat the 1992 team.

It’s spiraled from there, with everyone and their mother chiming in with their opinion on who would win.

The truth of the matter is that we’ll never know. All of the 1992 Team is old, and would probably have a tough time finishing the game, let alone compete.

But oddsmakers at Bovada Sportsbook have come up with a way to at least compare the two when it comes to their performances on the court.

Several Olympics Basketball Prop betting odds available at Bovada Sportsbook have matched two players against each other, one from the 2012 Olympic Team, and the other from the 1992 team, in which their point total for the tournament is compared.

Let’s take a look at some of the ones which were formed.

Chris Paul is matched up against Magic Johnson. Johnson, at the end of his career in 1992 because of the HIV virus, averaged 5.5 points during the 1992 tournament. The betting line for Paul against Johnson has been set as a pick em, meaning an even payout is set for both.

Kobe Bryant is no stranger to Olympic teams, and it paired against Karl Malone. Malone averaged 13 points per game in 1992. Bryant has been set as a half-point favorite, and will need to average 13.6 points per game to win the betting line. Both side of this line are set at -120.

Then we have LeBron James and Michael Jordan. Jordan averaged 14.9 points. James is will have to average at least 16.9 points per game to cover the two-point betting line that has been installed. The payout on either side is going off at -120 on the betting line.

Then there are also total point average for the tournament for the 2012 Olympic team in general, without a historical match up.

Kevin Durant is expected to play a big role for Team USA, with that number set at 17 points for the tournament on the over/under line. A bet on either side of that line is paying out at -120 on the amount wagered.

Carmelo Anthony has been set with an over/under total of 13/5 points for the tournament, while James has been set at 17 points the same as Durant. All of these wagers are paying out -120.

Check out these betting odds and more below.

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