Survivor Betting Odds

When you think of reality based game shows, what is the first show that comes to mind? For us, it’s Survivor because it basically launched the reality television movement once reality T.V. hit mainstream television. Back in 2000, CBS launched Survivor and has never looked back. The U.S. was enthralled with the strategy and deceit that took play en route to Richard Hatch being proclaimed the very first ‘Sole Survivor’, and the show has never looked back. With millions of viewers each week, this show has proven to be a hot topic and a big money maker for the networks… but you probably already knew that. What you probably do not know is that you too can make money from Survivor by taking advantage of the Survivor betting odds that are offered during the show.

If you want to learn more about how to bet on Survivor then keep it clicked here as we’ll show you how to use the betting odds and where you can bet them. When all is said and done, you will be able to educate your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances on how to wager on Survivor and they will thank you.

This Week On Survivor Season 26: Fans vs Favorites (2013) – (May 12th)

Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites reconvened last night following the elimination of Brenda in last week’s episode. Now down to the final five, the Sunday night finale kicked off with some unexpected developments. Erik was eliminated from the game due to Bet On Survivor At Bovadamedical issues. Erik was declared unfit to carry on after Survivor’s Jeff had to call in a doctor for the sick player, who was said to be in the beginning stages of starvation.

Now down to 4 players, the contestants have to face two more immunity challenges on the 39th day on the island. Cochran manages to win both challenges. He is later deemed the winner after making some intelligent tactical moves that gain him five votes and the $1 million dollar prize money. Are you surprised? Cochran has been – for the most part – dominating this season with ease. Malcolm is also declared a winner of $100,000 as the Sprint player of the season! Until September, Survivor fans!

Odds To Win Survivor

Think you know who’s going to win Survivor? Prove it by putting your money where your mouth is. Not literally, because that would be nasty but to show that you know what’s going on and that you are confident in your assessment. You might want to pick your favorite player and that’s great or you could decide to go with the strongest player. Do know that the stronger players are going to have the lowest odds that will not pay as much if they win while the underdogs are going to have long odds (15/1, 20/1, 30/1, etc…) that pay many times fold on the amount wagered. The amount you win depends on who you pick and how much you wager though you should know that even the favorites generally pay at least 1 to 1.

Below we have the Survivor winner odds. All of the competitors still in the competition should be listed here. If by chance we don’t get the Survivor betting odds updated right away, you can click the preceding link to visit the page in Bovada (our leading Survivor sportsbook) where they are located.

There are no Survivor betting odds at this time, check Bovada’s TV/Film Betting Props here

Survivor Head To Head Betting Odds

Hate someone on the show? Then you want to look at Survivor head to head betting odds. These pit one player versus another player in who will last the longest. Neither player needs to win Survivor for you to win, they just need to outlast the other one. This is great because you can get some great matchups that pay pretty good odds. And, just because you’re a strong player doesn’t mean that you won’t get eliminated the first chance you’re up for elimination. Survivor has a knack for eliminating stronger players to give weaker players a chance to win.

Head to head Survivor odds are only available during the season at select times. They won’t be available for long but we will do our best to make sure you know about them when they are. Below you will see Survivor betting odds when they are available or you can click the preceding link to go to the page they are located on within Bovada’s sportsbook.

There are no Survivor head-to-head betting odds at this time, check Bovada’s TV/Film Betting Props here

Survivor Proposition Betting

There is where things get really fun. Survivor proposition bets offer betting on anything and everything possible within the show. Bet on propositions like ‘Who will be eliminated next of Survivor?’, ‘Will player A & player B be caught having sex on camera during the show?’, and other crazy betting options. Wagering on Survivor can be quite fun especially in the prop form however these props aren’t available all the time and that is when the show is in season. When it is out of season, the only prop you’re likely to see is going be something like, ‘Who will win Survivor?- Male or Female’ which is very easy for oddsmakers to handicap.

We will do our best to search all the Survivor betting sites in order to find the best Survivor props and post them below. We’ll be honest and tell you that they are not available all the time, and sometimes even during the season they’re not available. This is something you will have to just keep checking back on or visit our link into Bovada where all the Survivor prop bets are listed.

There are no Survivor proposition bets at this time, check Bovada’s TV/Film Betting Props here

Where To Bet On Survivor

There is only one place to go for wagering on Survivor, Bovada Sportsbook. As we mentioned previously, this is our preferred sportsbook across several platforms the least of which is reality television and betting on Survivor. Bovada goes above and beyond to try to bring the latest television betting odds to their book for users to bet on. And, even though Survivor is taped, Bovada offers betting on it. They will limit the betting amounts but you can still wager on the show. This just keeps things honest where those with inside knowledge can’t benefit by duping the sportsbook. For the rest of us, this is a great opportunity. Bovada accepts all USA gamblers and has numerous U.S. friendly deposit methods so that will never be an issue. If you want more information on Bovada, please visit our link and in doing so become eligible for a 20% to $100 deposit bonus when making the first deposit into the sportsbook.