Sportsbooks Question U.S. Credit Rating, Debt Ceiling, Odds Posted

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The possibility of a default by the U.S. government has captured the attention of lenders and creditors from foreign nations just as much as it has the citizens of the United States. A new party has gotten involved, as online sportsbooks have decided to lay odds on not only the debt ceiling, but also the credit rating of the United States.

Congress has been running wild to come to an agreement on the debt ceiling, talking about whether or not it need be raised, if spending cuts could make the budget work, and how much to raise the ceiling if it actually need be done.

The House Republicans and the Senate Democrats have been squaring off, coming up with very little common ground. Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner, definitely has his work cut out for him as he may face his largest defeat since taking up the position. Each party is throwing insults and blaming one another, which isn’t helping the problem resolve.

The first line is a short term line over whether or not the U.S. debt ceiling will raise to 15.1 trillion or more by the 2nd of August. The line heavily favors no, with -500 no to +300 saying yes. With the possibility of a default by the government, this line is more important than simply earning some quick money.

Bodog – Will Congress Raise the U.S. Debt Ceiling to $15.1 Trillion or Higher by August 2nd, 2011?

Yes – +300
No – -500

For now, the U.S. holds a credit rating of AAA, which is top of the line. This is according to Standard and Poor, who has actually said that the outlook is not good for the U.S. Depending on the results of the debt restructuring and whether or not the government raises the roof, this credit rating could be negatively impacted. Bodog has also offered lines on whether or not the the US will lose its AAA credit rating in 2011, and only one option exists for this line – a simple yes, which is paying +500.

Bodog: Will the United States drop below a AAA credit rating in 2011?

Yes – +500

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