Norway Favored To Win Most Gold Medals At Sochi Olympics, USA Favored To Win Most Medals Overall

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Sochi Olympics 2014The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are underway, though the Opening Ceremony is still to come. Preliminary competition in some snowboarding + skiing events took place on Thursday. No competitors were eliminated. These were simply qualifying meets into the semifinals and finals of some sports. The goal of course is to win medals. Athletes want to win medals for themselves and for the country that they represent. There is a medal count with each Olympics that compares how all of the countries competing performed.

Online sportsbooks are in on the action as well. For those interested, there are several betting lines that offer payouts for countries that win the most gold medals, total medals + more.

Bovada Sportsbook for example has the top contenders for the most gold medals won. At the top of the list of favorites is Norway. A wager here is going off at 5/4. Oddsmakers obviously think that Norway has a very dominant team to win the most golds. This is a country that is strong in many different events.

But the United States is not far behind. In fact, a bet on Team USA to win the most gold medal sits right at 2/1.

What about the host country of Russia?

They are among the top contenders as well. Russia sits fifth behind Norway, the USA, and Germany. A wager on Russia to come away with the most gold medals is set at 10/1. Looking at the different payouts the matchup between Norway and the U.S. looks the most compelling. These two are right near each other on the odds, with separation even with Germany at 15/2.

In 2010 at Vancouver it was Canada that claimed the most gold medals. Canada has a very productive Vancouver Games as the host as well.

As for the country to win the most medals in Sochi, the favorite is the the country that won the most medals in Vancouver.

The United States captured 37 total medals in Vancouver. That was seven more medals than the nearest country. The United States brought more competitors than ever before to a Winter Olympics traveling to Sochi. Expectations are high across the board. A bet on Team USA is paying less than even money at 10/11. Norway (gold medal favorites) is next on the list at 15/8. Here again there is a large difference in the payout between the teams at the top in the U.S. and Norway and the rest of the world.

There are several other betting lines relating to medals as well. Some match countries head-to-head. Others set an over/under medal total for an individual country where the bet is made on the actual total going higher or lower.

But Bovada is not the only sportsbook to feature Olympic medal specials. Check out some of the other top sportsbooks below along with the specific betting lines that can be found. This makes for easy navigation. If you see a betting line that you like, check out where it is and visit the sportsbook. provides plenty of links for you to check out.

2014 Winter Olympics Medal Count Props – (found 2/7/2014)

Sochi Olympics Medal Count Odds
Most Gold Medals
Most Medals – Overall
More Medals – USA vs. Canada
More Gold Medals – USA vs. Canada
Total Medals – USA
Total Medals – Canada
Total Medals – Norway
Total Medals – Germany
Total Medals – Russia
To Win Medal – Jamaican Bobsled
Total Medals – China
Total Medals – South Korea
Total Medals – Sweden
Total Medals – Finland
Total Medals – France
Total Medals – Netherlands

2014 Winter Olympics Medal Specials

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