Ryan Lochte 200M Freestyle Betting Odds

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There is no question that Ryan Lochte is on a mission when it comes to the 2012 Olympics in London. Ever since 2008, after being overshadowed by Michael Phelps, Lochte has had a giant chip on his shoulder.

Lochte has risen as the best swimmer in the world since the 2008 Beijing games, winning events over Phelps in which Phelps used to dominate.

And coming in the 2012 Olympics, Lochte and Phelps will go head to head in a couple of races. But outside of those race, both swimmers have other schedules and races to worry about. And it is in these that Lochte can add up his gold medal total more.

One of the events in which Lochte will be competing without Phelps is the 200m Freestyle. And Lochte is the gold medal favorite in that event.

2012 Olympic Betting Odds have set Lochte as better than an even mone favorite on the payout to win Gold in the 200m Freestyle, going off at 10/11 on the amount wagered. Yannick Agnel of France is not very far behind though, set as at even money. So Lochte definitely isn’t a sure thing when it comes to this race, but is still expected to get the gold

Outside of these top-two swimmers, the odds really jump up, all the way to 9/1. So as you can see, it looks to be a two-horse race when it comes to the gold medal here.

Lochte will have already raced in the 400 IM final on Saturday night against Phelps, getting that first head to head competition underway. As of now, that race has not yet happened, so we don’t know how he fared against his rival.

Check out these betting odds, and plenty more for the swimming events below as seen on Bovada.

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