Republican Party Pulls Ahead Of Democratic Party In Presidential Betting Odds

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The latest political betting odds have revealed a striking revelation. The odds on the party to win the president have been updated, as have those covering the nominee for the Republican candidacy. Though the incumbent almost always win a second term, the odds now show that the the Republican party is favored to win the election.

The Republican Party was once +110 to win the presidential election, putting the Democratic party at -140. Things have changed, and the Republican Party has turned it around. The GOP now has odds of -120 on their success, while the Democrats are earning -110 for the potential reelection of Mr. Barack Obama.

Bodog – Which Party Will Win The 2012 Presidential Election?

Republican Party -120
Democratic Party -110

Odds on winning the Republican nomination have also been updated. The update has brought out a clear favorite, but a few names have also been removed. Mitt Romney has secured a lead position in the odds, Michele Bachmann has slipped even further, and Chris Christie has been removed entirely. Christie has reaffirmed his commitment to not run for the presidency, which struck him from the odds. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are still the favorites to win the Republican nomination. Perry has made a few slip ups, which have pushed him down in the odds.

Bodog – Odds to Win The Republican Nomination in the 2012 US Presidential Election

Mitt Romney 4/7
Rick Perry 11/4
Herman Cain 12/1
Sara Palin 14/1
Ron Paul 16/1
Jon Huntsman 20/1
Michele Bachmann 33/1
Newt Gingrich 40/1
Rudy Giuliani 40/1

The odds are likely to continue changing as the 2012 US Presidential Election heats up, and it is unknown how long the current rendition of the odds will last.

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