NCAA Basketball Betting Odds

nflSearching for the latest college basketball betting odds? Look no further, as we have you covered. These betting odds can sometimes be somewhat difficult to read, as there are a great numbers of games and many inconsistencies in the league. The odds will cover every game, every type of major betting line, and even some props. Try not to get overwhelmed with the latest college basketball betting odds, as you will have to be wary of mistakes in deciding who will cover the betting line. The latest NCAA basketball betting odds can be some of the most profitable – provided you stay on top of your game.

Betting Odds to win the 2013-14 NCAA Basketball Championship can be found below. These odds will be updated during the season, especially once we get around tournament time. We specialize in ‘bracketology’ and will have plenty of great betting information on all of the brackets prior to the start of the tournament.
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2014 NCAA Basketball Title Odds (Top-20) – Found at Bovada Sportsbook 1/9/2014

2014 College Basketball Betting Odds

College Basketball Game Odds 

Main Types Of College Basketball Betting Odds

If you’ve bet on any type of sports before, then you probably already know how each of these betting types work. However, if you need a refresher or are new to betting on college basketball then you will want to pay attention. These are going to be the betting types you most commonly see whenever another site or sportsbook has lines listed for the game. Stick with us and we’ll show the ropes before getting into some of the more interesting ways to get action on the game.

College Basketball Spread Betting Odds – The spread is designed to assign a handicap to whichever team is deemed to be lesser. In doing so, oddsmakers place teams of different calibers on a level playing field. How this works is that the team that is favor spots the underdog a pre-determined number of points. Betting the spread primarily takes place before the game tips off, however with the intermission, oddsmakers then have the opportunity to assign a second half spread. For now though, we are just going to concentrate on spreads which encompass the entire game. Learn more about college basketball spreads with our example below:

Say that Duke is playing Southern Illinois. 95 times out of 100, Duke is expected to win that game straight up. However, if oddsmakers give 15 points to the Salukis, Southern Illinois may still lose the game, but they have a chance of winning against the spread. It all hinges upon the margin of victory. If Duke manages to beat Southern Illinois by 16 points or more, Duke wins against the spread. If Southern Illinois pulls off the upset or manages to lose by 14 points or less, the Salukis win against the spread because they had a 15 point cushion. If the margin of victory is exactly 15 points in favor of Duke, the bet is graded as a push and all parties will have their money returned. This is an example of how you will see the spread listed: Southern Illinois Salukis vs. Duke Blue Devils (-15). The minus 15 beside Duke indicates that they are a 15 point favorite to win the contest.

See the latest College Basketball Spread Betting Lines from Bovada Sportsbook

College Basketball Moneyline Betting Odds – Betting the moneyline is like wagering with a friend only a lot better if you like to take the underdog. Before we get into that, betting on the moneyline is simply betting which team you think is going to win the game. With this, there are no points to cover in order to win the bet… your team just needs to win. Back to the reason that this is better than betting with a buddy is that your buddy isn’t going to give you better than 1 to 1 odds when you decide to take the underdog. Below, we’ll give you an example and show you how both sides of the bet pay out.

NCAA Basketball – Florida Gators vs. LSU Tigers
Florida Gators -165
LSU Tigers +145

Looking at the lines, Florida is a sizeable favorite in this game. If Florida wins straight up, the Gators’ bettors stand to win $1 for every $1.65 wagered. In contrast, LSU Tigers bettors stand to win $1.45 for every $1 wagered. That is a much better pay rate than what Gator bettors are getting, but it is also more likely that Florida will win the game. If this had a spread assigned to it, it would favor Florida somewhere between 5 to 6 points. If you had been betting with your friend, you probably would have only gotten 1 to 1 on your bet instead of the better payout offered by sportsbooks.

See the latest College Basketball Moneylines from Bovada Sportsbook

College Basketball Over/Under Betting Lines – If you just can’t decide which team will cover the spread or even win the game, you always have the option of betting the point total or more commonly referred to as the over/under. The over/under is the total number of points which oddsmakers predict both teams will score during the game. Bettors then have the option of choosing if they think more or less points will be scored. If it’s more, then they want to take the “over.” If it’s less, bettors will take the “under.” We really like these because you are either cheering for more offense or more defense.

NCAA Basketball – Missouri Tigers vs. Kansas Jayhawks Total Points
Over 132.5 Points -110
Under 132.5 Points  -110

The magic mark for this bet is 132.5 points. I know… you can’t score a half point but that is also why this bet can not be a push. In order for this game to go to the over, 133 or more points must be scored. For this game to go to the under, 132 or less points must be scored. Each side of the bet pays the same, -110, or win $1 for every $1.10 wagered. Individual team totals can be found in the team proposition bets which we’ll get into a little bit later.

See the latest College Basketball Over/Under Betting Lines from Bovada Sportsbook

Other Types Of College Basketball Betting Odds

College Basketball Future Betting Odds – Betting on college basketball futures is basically betting on what will happen in the future as it relates to NCAA basketball. This primarily encompasses two bets, 1) betting a team to win the NCAA Tournament, 2) betting on a team to win their conference championship. In general, these bets take place before the season begins however in many cases these can also be wagered upon during the season at particular points. Below is a small list of odds for the upcoming NCAA basketball season. We can only list a few because there are literally lines for over 150 teams which most likely include your favorite.

Odds To Win The 2012 Men’s NCAA Tournament (National Championship)
North Carolina 3/1
Kentucky 11/2
Duke 8/1
Louisville 17/2
Ohio State 17/2
Syracuse 12/1
Florida 18/1
Texas 18/1
Kansas 20/1
Connecticut 25/1

Just hours after UConn won the 2011 NCAA Tournament, oddsmakers released odds to win next year’s edition. As you can see, North Carolina is the favorite at 3/1 which will pay $3 for every $1 wagered. Going down the list, the odds get slightly better in terms of payouts. Kentucky gets $5.50 for every $1 wagered, Duke gets $8 for $1, Louisville and Ohio State get $8.50 for $1, and so on down the list.

Just to give you an idea of how far down these odds go can go down the list… they include the likes of Auburn, Rutgers, South Florida, Wake Forest, Virginia, Texas Tech, UAB, and UTEP all listed with 200/1 odds, or $200 for every $1 wagered. With a selection like that, you can rely on all major teams as well as some notable mid-majors (VCU 100/1, Xavier 75/1, San Diego State 100/1, Butler 50/1) to be listed and available for betting. While this information is going to change and there are undoubtedly going to be different teams favored in the following years, this should give you an idea of how future bets for college basketball work and how to determine how those bets will payout.

See the latest College Basketball Future Betting Odds from Bovada Sportsbook

College Basketball Prop Betting Odds – Every now and again a really good player comes around and man is he good. Guys like JJ Reddick, Jimmer Fredette, Adam Morrison, Derrick Rose, and the list goes on. Well, when you are observing their greatness on the college hardwood, know that you can bet on their performance. This is more common in the NCAA Tournament, however oddsmakers do issue lines for big regular season games and conference tournaments as well. What is common is that you will have a wide selection of bets for a particular player. Last season, Jared Sullinger regularly had lines posted for total rebounds, blocks, points, and sometimes combinations of different stats. Below we have a few examples of what is commonly offered:

Butler vs. Connecticut – Kemba Walker Total Points
Over 24.5 Points -130
Under 24.5 Points -110

With 25 points or more, the “over” would win $1 for every $1.30 wagered. Conversely, 24 points or less, the “under” takes the bet and wins $1 for every $1.10 risked.

Butler vs. Connecticut – Shelvin Mack Total Assists
Over 3.5 Assists -130
Under 3.5 Assists -110

Just like the other bet, 4 or more assists and “over” wins. With 3 or less assists, the “under” wins the bet.

Odds To Win Most Outstanding Player Of NCAA Tournament
Kemba Walker 2/1
Brandon Knight 2/1
Shelvin Mack 13/2

This is just a very small sample of the odds to win the 2011 NCAA Tournament MOP. In reality, this bet had about 15 different players but just to save space, we have the top three favorites. This is another example of how college player prop bets can be applied. Bettors can take advantages of several wagers like this when it awards start announcing semi-finalists and sometimes even before.

See the latest College Basketball Prop Betting Odds from Bovada Sportsbook