Miami Heat Atop 2013 NBA Championship Betting Odds

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After all of the trials and tribulations in Cleveland. After announcing the ‘decision’ that he was taking his talents to South Beach and forever setting a bullseye on him. After the embarrassing performance in the 2011 NBA Finals in which he said he played the games with hate. And after taking a look at himself in the mirror and calling himself out for being immature, LeBron James perhaps summed his journey towards an NBA title up best after the Miami Heat’s Game 5 victory on Thursday night.

It’s about damn time.

Playing with a renewed love for the game of basketball all season long through the postseason, James finally grabbed that elusive ring and championship that was nine years in the making. And he did it in impressive fashion, garnering Finals MVP honors for the series.

But with the 2011-12 NBA Season put to bed and the Miami Heat winning the title, oddsmakers have already flipped the page looking forward to the 2012-13 NBA season.

And to no surprise, it’s the Heat who are at the top of the very early 2013 NBA Championship Betting Odds available at Bovada Sportsbook.

The Heat are set at 11/4 to win the title, which is the exact betting line for which they were set coming into this year to win it all. So if you had bet on Miami to win the championship like they did this season, you would have made a near 3/1 profit.

Not bad for betting on the favorite!

Behind the Heat on these betting odds are their 2012 NBA Finals opponent in the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder are set at 5/1 to win the championship and move one step further. They made the Western Conference Finals two seasons ago, and then reached the Finals this season, so it could stand to reason that Oklahoma City might just take another step forward and win a title in 2013.

The Chicago Bulls with a healthy Derrick Rose come in at No.3 on the list of favorites to win the NBA Championship, set at 6/1.

Rounding out the top-five are the Los Angeles Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs.

Below, we have the complete list of NBA Championship favorites for the 2013 season available to you as seen on Bovada, so if we didn’t mention your favorite team, be sure to check them out and see how they stack up with the rest of the league.

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