Latest NCAA Football Betting Odds

nflThe latest NCAA football betting odds are released every day when the game is in season. Throughout this part of the year there is always a large number of betting lines. Since college football is almost as popular as the NFL, there are always a large number of bets to be had on these games. Especially for those who know exactly what they are doing, these bets can become some of the most profitable. If you are looking for the latest college football betting odds, then look through our sportsbooks and be content, as you will be covered by some of the best possible sports betting sites.

We aim to educate you so that you can maximize your money and wager on the lines that you feel the most comfortable with. More often than not, there is more than one way to bet on a particular game. Below, we are going to break it all down and prepare you for betting on the college football season.

2012-13 BCS Championship Odds

We are still several months away before the start of the 2012 College Football season, with spring practices already wrapped up in April. Now, it’s the long summer before we finally get to see some football in the beginning of September. That hasn’t stopped oddsmakers from fielding odds to win the 2012-13 BCS National Championship. With Matt Barkley staying, the USC Trojans lead the way here, going off at 5/1, ahead of the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Southeastern Conference has won six-straight BCS titles, and will be looking for No.7.

Top 20 Favorites To Win 2012-13 BCS National Championship

  • USC – 7/2
  • Alabama – 5/1
  • LSU – 11/2
  • Oklahoma – 10/1
  • Oregon – 10/1
  • Florida State – 12/1
  • Georgia – 12/1
  • Arkansas – 20/1
  • Michigan – 25/1
  • Notre Dame – 25/1
  • Texas – 28/1
  • Virgina Tech – 28/1
  • Clemson – 30/1
  • South Carolina – 30/1
  • WVU – 30/1
  • Nebraska – 35/1
  • Wisconsin – 40/1
  • Boise St – 50/1
  • Florida 50/1
  • Kansas St – 50/1

Latest College Football News

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Betting The Spread

Oddsmakers issue a handicapped spread for every college football game on the schedule. These spreads can range from being a one point favorite, all the way up to 40 or 50 points when the powerhouses play the powderpuffs early in the season. Basically, the spread is set up to set both teams on even ground. To do so, one team gives points away, and the other receives them. In other words, a team that is -7 is already down a touchdown when the game begins. That team must then make up the difference in order for their bettors to win.

An example would be, Florida State -4 vs. Miami (FL). In this scenario, the Seminoles are a four point favorite to beat the Hurricanes and therefore must win by 5 or more points to win the wager for their bettors. Conversely, Miami bettors would need the Canes to either win the game, or lose by no more than 3 points. With the spread, it is entirely possible for Florida State to win the game, but not win for their bettors. Say the score ends up being 24-21 and the Noles win by 3, however they would have lost against the spread since it was four points. Basically with the spread, Miami won the game on paper, though Florida State won on the field.

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Betting The Moneyline

Just like the moneyline in every other sport, the moneyline in college football are the odds placed on a team for straight up win. Whichever team wins the game, bettors that wagered on their moneyline also win. There are no points that need to be covered… a win is a win. Since the spread is created to make teams equal, the opposite can be said about the moneyline. The moneyline can pay huge, or very little depending on the matchup as well as the team you select to win.

For instance, one of the biggest upsets in recent college football history, James Madison vs. Virginia Tech, had up to a 39 point spread. While I am unable to find the exact moneyline on this game currently, estimates would have had to put it in +/- 600 range. At +600 to win, James Madison shocked the country and won bettors 6 to 1 on their money. A meager $20 bet would have turned into $120 instantly. Conversely, had Virginia Tech won that game, bettors that wagered the -600 on the Hokies would have to wager $120 just to win a meager $20.

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Betting The Total or Over/Under

If you can’t decide which team is going to win but you want to get some action on the game, a good choice is to go with betting the total points or over/under. Simply put, the over/under is a preset total for what oddsmakers believe the total number of points scored in the game will be. More than the preset amount and the “over” wins, less and the “under” wins. Instead of cheering for just one team, you can cheer for both to score or both to play some mean defense which all depends on which side of the bet you’re on. Sometimes there is some great value to be had with these bets as evidenced in the example below.

The 2010-2011 BCS National Championship game was billed to be a game of the ages. Most would have agreed with that seeing as how Oregon entered the contest with the top offense in the nation, and Auburn was lead by Heisman winner Cam Newton. From all angles, this game was shaping up to be an offensive explosion and oddsmakers agreed. With that said, the over/under betting line was set at a total of 73.5 points, a whopping total. In the end, the long layoff proved to be a factor and neither team’s offense really clicked. When the scoreboard read all zeros, the total number of points between the two teams was only 41, a mark well beneath the preset betting line. Bettors who were on the under had an easy ride to a pay day.

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Latest College Football Spreads

College Football Player Prop Bets

Betting college football player prop bets focus on the individual performances of a player. You can find wagers for your favorite player, or just a player you think is poised for a great game. Additionally, with this type of betting you can bet against players you do not feel good about. These bets are primarily composed of over/under bets that encompass passing yards, rushing yards, pass attempts, touchdowns, receptions, tackles, sacks, and almost any other statistic that a player may record during the game. Also, note that player prop bets do not have to just cover a single game. Before the season begins, bettors may wager upon totals on season statistics for a player.

LaMichael James – 116.5 Rushing Yards vs. Pac 10 Opponent

Over 116.5 yards +120
Under 116.5 yards – 120

This is the perfect example of betting player performance for a game. If LaMichael James rushes for 117 or more yards, the “over” wins the wager. Should he fail to break 116 yards rushing in the game, the “under” takes the money. With this particular example, the under is the favored side of the bet with the -120 payout.

Tim Tebow – 18 Passing Touchdowns

Over 18 PTD +115
Under 18 PTD -125

This is an example of betting player performance for a season. With this particular example, Tim Tebow would need to throw 19 or more touchdowns during the course of the season in order for the “over” to win. Conversely, is Tebow throws 17 or less passing touchdowns, the “under” wins. And, with this particular line, a “push” is possible if Tebow throws 18 touchdowns exactly.

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College Football Team Prop Betting

This type of betting is very similar to player prop betting in the way that the betting lines are offered however the wager pertains to the entire team’s performance. This can be anything from betting the total number of rushing yards, to betting the total number of passing touchdowns, to betting the total number of statistics, to betting over/unders on the combined total of sacks, turnovers, and tackles. The point is, there are tons of different ways to bet on a particular team during any given week of the college football season.

Ohio State vs. Michigan – Team To Score First

Ohio State -110
Michigan +130

This is a rare either/or bet offered for one of the biggest rivalries in the nation. Simply put, the team that scores first wins money for their bettors. With the payouts listed for this bet, Ohio State is favored to put points on the board first. This would only be because of their skill. Before the coin flip, it is unknown which team will get the ball first and therefore have the best chance of scoring first. With that said, you really have to consider the teams and not just the scenario.

USC Trojans – Total Number Of Regular Season Wins

Over 7.5 +135
Under 7.5 -105

Ok Trojan fans, don’t get all wound up… this is just an example. A bet such as this would only be available before the season begins, before a single game has been played. In this scenario, the bet covers the total number of wins the Trojan will have during the season. With 8 wins or more, the “over” takes the money while 7 wins or less takes the money for the “under”. Again, the payouts indicate the favorite and in this example, the under is the favored side of the wager as indicated by the -105 payout. In other words, oddsmakers see it more likely that USC will win less than 8 games so they have given the “under” less payout than the “over”.

Auburn Tigers Total Rushing Yards vs. SEC Opponent

Over 235.5 Yards -120
Under 235.5 Yards -120

This bet is just the total number of rushing yards in one particular game. Back in the day when Auburn featured the likes of Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown in the same backfield, a number like 235 yards rushing was a real possibility. With the odds listed above, the “over” wins if Auburn eclipses 236 yards on the ground. The “under” takes the cash should Auburn only manage to rush for 235 or less yards. Note that with the payouts listed, both sides of this bet are even. -120 vs. -120 is even odds, however the payout on each side is less than one to one.

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College Football Future Bets

Future bets are a very popular wager in college football especially in the South amongst the rabid college football fans of this nation. With a future bet, you bet on a team to win the national championship, or to win their conference championship. Either way, odds are best for this bet before the season begins however the bet can still be taken at various points throughout the season with updated odds.

For instance, before the 2010 college football season began, the Auburn Tigers were listed at +10000 or 100/1 odds. A single dollar bet on the Tigers before the season began would have paid $100 when Auburn beat Oregon for the national championship. Those are awesome odds, but not many were keen on Auburn at the beginning of the season. Compare those odds to Auburn’s odds right before the BCS National Championship Game, less than 1/1 because Auburn was favored, and you’re talking about the difference between night and day. The point being, it’s best to get future bets in before the season starts on your favorite team, or the smart pick.

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