Latest NBA Betting Odds

nflThe latest NBA betting odds will let you have a clear overview of games to come. Every time a new game is scheduled to play, you can be sure that there will be a series of lines to accompany this game. The NBA has been attracting more bettors over the years, and has reached levels of popularity previously seen by only the MLB and the NFL. The latest NBA betting lines carry many different types of wagers, so be sure to keep a comprehensive eye on each of these events. You will want to keep thorough track of each of the Latest NBA betting odds available.

Latest 2012 NBA Championship Betting Odds

We are in the 2012 NBA Finals, with the Miami Heat out to a 2-1 series lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder with Game 4 on Tuesday Jun 19th. Here at Latest Betting Odds we will have the most up to date NBA Championship Finals Betting Lines for each of the games at the series moves forward.

As avid bettors, we have explored every type of bet that can be placed on the NBA. There are almost half a dozen different types of bets you can use to make some money. Some are confusing, some are straight forward, but one thing remains the same – they are all fun and potentially profitable. Let’s take a look and see what you can find through any major sportsbook, as these odds are the most commonly adapted by way of the various betting sites.

Betting the Spread – Most professional bettors hit the spread, as this is the one line that has been made to offer bettors a shot at relatively even odds, regardless of which team is favored. The spread pits each team against each other with a score limit they have to match. As an example which is not specific, two teams will be matched up against each other and have their point differences set at +4.5 and -4.5. The favored team will have the negative number, which effectively starts them off with that many points subtracted from their total. Should the team manage to win by more than that number, in this case 5 or more points, the bet will be a success. If the underdog wins the event, or just doesn’t lose by more than that number of points, then betting the underdog has become a success.

Utah Jazz vs Miami Heat – Point Spread
Utah Jazz +11.5 -105
Miami Heat -11.5 -110

In this example, Miami will have to win by 12 points or more in order to cover the spread. So if the score is 100 to 112 in favor of Miami, you will win the money you took on your bet. On the other hand, if the score is 105 to 112 in favor of Miami, or if the Jazz win the game, then the underdog takes the event. Odds on the point spread are generally even in both directions, as both teams generally have a chance at making a successful bet.

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Betting The Moneyline – There is no type of bet that is easier to use than the money line. In the money line, you are just betting on who will win the event out right. There are no other variables involved – just watch the game play out and you will see who wins the event. The score of the game has no weight on this wager – it is simply asking who will win and who will lose. The odds are not going to be the same, with one team favored over the other. Provided you can adequately guess who will win the event, you should not have any trouble actually earning some cash.

Dallas Mavericks vs. New York Knicks
Dallas Mavericks -600
New York Knicks +800

In this event, the Mavericks are a heavy favorite going into the event. Dallas is so heavily favored that bettors will have to bet $600 in order to win a profit of $100. Conversely, you will earn a profit of $800 if you bet $100 on the Knicks, as they are expected to board the fail boat and lose in the event with almost no chance of success. These theoretical odds are not based on any particular game, but this is essentially how you will be faced with a moneyline wager in the NBA.

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Betting The Total Or The Over/Under – Since scores can be high in an NBA game between a pair of dominant teams, you will find that the total score bet is one of the more exciting. Total scores are some of the better bets, as they make you focus on all points scored in the game rather than just one team’s efforts. You will generally be presented with a number that ends in .5, such as 150.5. If both team’s scores add up to 151 points or higher, than the over would be the successful bet. If the score ends up as 150 or lower, than the under is the bet that comes through. These lines generally come with fairly even odds, as the number is set to be fair in both directions.

New Jersey Nets vs. Los Angeles Lakers – Total Score
Over 150.5 -110
Under 150.5 – 105

In this instance, the Lakers and the Nets will both be scoring toward this total. If the Lakers score 85 points and the Nets score 80, the total score is 165. In this case, the over bet manages to take the win. However, if the Lakers score 85 and they prevent the Nets from making more than 45 points, making a total of 130, the total will fall under the preset limit and the under will be the winner. The half a point is to prevent a push, in which no side of the bet wins and the bet is returned.

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Other Types Of NBA Bets

NBA Future Bets – Impossible as it may be for you to see into the future, you can still lay some money on a future occurrence. You will be able to bet on what you will think will happen down the line. One example would be who you think will win the NBA Championship before the season even starts. This will allow you to make a prediction on long far a particular team will last. Should you make a bet and your team advances through the playoffs and into the championship, you will manage to earn some of the largest winnings in any wager, as these bets rarely ever run into the negative numbers.

If you take the odds on which team will win the championship, you will be posed with a list of every team. Every team will have it’s own individual odds. Going into the 2012 Championship, you will see that the Miami Heat are the team favored to win the Championship at 5/2. If you lay money on this team, you will receive 2.5 times the amount of money you wagered in profit. The Lakers have odds of 11/2, which gives them a payout of 5.5 times the amount you wagered. The Toronto Raptors have the worst odds, running with 150-to-1 to win, paying you 150 times what you actually wagered in profit. As you can see, some of these lines can pay quite heavily. The odds on the event changes through the draft, as the season unfolds, injuries take place, and other game altering events. Either way, the odds always pay out more the earlier you get into them.

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NBA Player Props Bets – If you would rather not worry about how an entire team will perform, you will find that most sportsbooks offer the ability to wager on what specific players will do in the event. This can range from how many points a particular player will earn, how many assists another player will earn, or even how many fouls one participant will incur. These bets can cover nearly anything, which is part of the reason they are as exciting as they are. Player props can pay out quite a bit of cash, if you know where to lay your money.

LeBron James – Total Points Scored By LeBron in Miami Heat At New York Knicks
Over 23.5 -110
Under 23.5 -110

LeBron James is the subject of this betting line. Over the course of this game, LeBron has to score 24 points or higher in order to make the over a successful bet. If he scores 23 points or less, the under is the bet that takes place. For the most part these odds pay the same on either side of the spectrum. Odds makers generally want both sides of the wager to have an even shot at success. This is just one of many types of player prop bet, as anything the players do in the game can realistically become subject of odds through an online sportsbook.

Odds To Win The NBA Rookie Of the Year
Derrick WIlliams 5/1
Jimmer Fredette 5/1
Kyrie Irving 11/2

This is a broad type of wager. On this line you will have to place a wager on who you think will be declared the Rookie of the Year. Though you have to wait an entire season before you can have these odds culminate, you will see that they can pay quite a bit of money. This is for the 2011/2012 season, and it opens up a number of possibilities for wagering. Should you decide to lay odds on this line, you will have to wait for it to come through.

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NBA Team Prop Bets – In addition to proposition bets based on individual players, entire teams can be subject of a betting line outside of the standard wagers. These team props will allow you to bet on how an entire team will perform in certain regards. These bets can be on how many fouls the team will incur over the entire game, which team will score first, which team will score the most in a particular half, or other similar lines. These team props are many and various, and they all make for an exciting game play experience. We have a few examples so you will know what you are faced with when it comes to this type of bet.

Dallas Mavericks vs. the San Antonio Spurs – Which Team Will Win The First Tipoff
Dallas Mavericks -110
San Antonio Spurs -110

Don’t think that this is what the average prop will look like, as this is just an example that we pulled out of our minds. This is a potential line that you would face, even if it is not what you will actually face in reality. If you bet on the team that ultimately wins the first tip off, then you will yield a successful bet.

Miami Heat vs. New Jersey Nets – Team To Score First
Miami -250
New Jersey Nets +600

In this instance, you will have to wait to see who wins first. While this is slated toward who takes possession first, the line is still heavily dependent on who has the stronger offense and the tighter defense. With Miami bringing the heat, they are the favorite in this line. You will haev to wager $250 in order to make a profit of $100 dollars. If New Jersey is the first to make it to the net, you will receive a $600 profit for every $100 you wager. These team props can go hand in hand with some of the straight wagers on the card, making for many more options that can lead to enormous winnings.

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