Green Bay Packers vs New Orleans Saints NFL Week 4 Betting Odds

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The Green Bay Packers might be able to take solace in the fact that the blown call which cost them the game at the end of Monday Night Football’s debacle against Seahawks, has resulted in the NFL and the referees to reach an agreement and end the labor dispute.

But the Packers still lost the game.

Green Bay goes back home in Week 4 where they will face a New Orleans Saints teams that has started a very surprising 0-3 on the season. There has not been a team to start 0-4 and then go on to make the postseason.

So you can bet that we will see a Saints team essentially playing for their season on Sunday at Lambeau Field. At the same time though, Green Bay sits a 1-2 on the season, and definitely doesn’t want to fall to 1-3. We all sure didn’t expect the two records of these teams at this point in the season to be a combined 1-5.

It’s Green Bay who is getting the edge from oddsmakers.

Packers vs Saints Week 4 betting Odds available at Bovada Sportsbook have set Green Bay as eight-point favorites over New Orleans. That means the Packers will need to win by at least nine points to cover. Basically, the wager is going to be made on whether or not you believe this will be a one possession game, or more than that. If more, the bet is on Green Bay. If a one possession game, the bet is on New Orleans.

This one could be rather difficult to predict, simply because of the fact that the desperation level between both teams will be quite high. The Saints still have Drew Brees, by that defense has been giving up way too many plays.

Green Bay will have to try to put the last game behind them, and perhaps it will help them mentally that their result against Seattle was the catalyst that created this change, though the NFL will probably not admit that.

This should definitely be a game of intrigue, as we could see the Packers have three losses this early in the season, or the Saints fall off the map.

Which team wants it more, we will find out on Sunday.

Kickoff for this one is at 4:25 pm Et, with coverage on FOX.

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